Abstract for: The application of Farmers, Bandits and Soldier Model in the age of Digital Transformation

Saeed, Pavlov, Skorinko and Smith (2014) created a simulation model of an economy that consists of farmers, bandits and soldiers. This model provided the means to explore how different agent dominance with their own rational economic behavior, two psychological factors (group identity and exposure to violence) and government intervention, affects economic legitimacy and degrees of freedom. Experiments with this model provided optimal policy for promoting peace. In this day and age, the world is more digitalized in nature. The increasing usage and dependency of technology introduces also an increase of other risks, like cyber-security. We would like to understand how digital transformation may impact digital freedom and economic performance, and explore if different policies may become element for promoting peace. Our work is about transforming the FBS-model to its equivalent in a digitalized world en compare policy analysis with 2014 results.