Abstract for: The bank breakeven point, as a dynamic liquidity neutral that, considers the business model and external impacts such as covid-

To address the difficulties faced by decision-makers in financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, to access and clearly understand the value creation system of their companies, and to be able to simulate and project the impact of specific or variable actions and external phenomena, including the behavior of its audience and unexpected situations, such as Covid-19, this work applies a modeling that begins in system dynamics and then evolves to a hybrid formulation, by including discrete simulation and agent-based simulation. Access to extensive and direct information from multiple financial institutions in the region is used to produce a model based on and calibrated by historical information and that can be methodologically replicated in various types of actors and whose technological support is adjusted to the best practices of the sector and modern computing trends. The challenges to integrate the various simulation techniques and practical applications common to banking and to maximize the capacity of the technological support to respond to the simulation, projection, and scenario building needs of decision-makers in real conditions, are very exciting and it is the stage in which this work is.