Abstract for: Impact of Racial Discrimination Across the Lifespan

This work in progress describes results from a pilot study to understand the impact of racial discrimination across the lifespan from a feedback perspective. Specifically, the study involved 26 older adults (38% identifying as Black, 61% as White) in a mixed-methods research design to investigate how perceived racism impacted aging and quality of life. Structured group model building workshops were conducted for each group in addition to a questionnaire assessing socioeconomic status, stress, discrimination, and quality of life. There were no group differences in age or gender between the groups. However, Black participants reported higher socioeconomic deprivation and lower health related quality of life than Whites. There were no direct differences in perceived stress, discrimination or vigilance between the two groups. Comparing the CLDs between the groups highlighted similarity of the feedback mechanisms, but differences in both distribution of resources and associated meaning. Formal analysis of the two simulation models and interpretation of results is ongoing.