Abstract for: Institutionalizing knowledge in a rapidly growing organization

Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) works throughout Georgia and in more than 220 domestic and international communities to help them improve health and well-being. With the growth in number and diversity of staff and projects, it has become both more difficult and more crucial to ensure effective knowledge transfer between new and existing staff across the organization. To address this issue, GHPC is using systems thinking and systems dynamic methodologies to better understand knowledge exchange and identify strategies for institutionalizing the knowledge at the Center. An explanatory system dynamics model based in the literature was drafted and shared with internal subject matter experts and GHPC leadership to elicit feedback. There is a plan to further share and refine the model with staff across diverse project teams. Once the model is revised to consider feedback from diverse project teams across the center, historical data will be collected to explore the model’s accuracy and test its structure and behavior. After the model has a clear mathematical framework, executive leadership will be reengaged to translate model findings and test the impact of proposed policies and procedures to increase the effectiveness of knowledge sharing across the Center.