Abstract for: Adaptation of a System Dynamics generic structure applied in resilience studies in Latin-America

In this Practitioner Application, a Non-profit Latin-American foundation has contacted the authors of this project to analyze the Urban resilience of some cities. This foundation creates resilience challenges, where problems are identified, and different actors can send proposals to solve those problems. The main objective of the consultant team is to evaluate the impact of the selected projects on the Urban resilience of the city where the challenge was launched. For achieving that, System Dynamics is used. The client was looking for a systemic approach for the resilience assessments due to the powerful insights that can be derived from it. The deliverable per Resilience challenge is what we call a “Systematization report”. One of the insights of the process is that generic structures make the modeling process faster and simpler. What you try to do is to associate the variables of the structure with the variables in real life, you do not need to think about the structure per se, so you save time, which is very good in consultant projects.