Abstract for: The Impact of Vaccine R&D Decisions on Neglected Tropical Disease Prevention in Kenya

Within this transdisciplinary research project, two KU Leuven research teams have joined forces to tackle current problems in the healthcare sector with regard to immunization coverage. Therefore, we will combine the unique and very complementary expertise of both KU Leuven teams to link the vaccine development in the R&D phase to the “last mile”, i.e. to reach those people in need of vaccination, thereby aiming to realize immunization goals. Such a study will allow to obtain deep insights into the impact of decisions made in the R&D stage of novel technologies on the entire immunization system. To achieve the immunization goals, a complex healthcare system of interrelated and interacting subsystems needs to be elucidated. Consequently, this research will focus on modeling the immunization system, whereby a definite inter- and cross-disciplinary, human-centered approach is mandatory.