Abstract for: Against the full lockdown: The COVID-19 flow in Sweden

The Sweden approach is unique in handling the COVID-19 flow, compared to other European countries. While other countries have practiced the full lockdown, Sweden has practiced the light lockdown or the partial lockdown as public spaces such as pubs and restaurants are allowed to serve their customers subject to government recommendations. This study aims to develop an SEIR model for Sweden capturing important issues such as the roles of behavioral measures, partial lockdowns, and undocumented cases. The extended SEIR model is probably the first SEIR model capturing the roles of behavioral measures, partial lockdowns, hospital preparedness, and asymptomatic cases. The SEIR model can successfully reproduce similar main observed outputs, namely documented infected cases and documented death cases. The SEIR model shows that the efficacy of partial lockdowns is relatively higher than that of behavioral measures. Hopefully, the extended SEIR model can be a gauge to modeling the impacts of lockdowns and behavioral measures in other countries.