Abstract for: Approaches to Designing Community-Based Modeling Projects

Over the last two decades or more, there has been a proliferation of uses of group model building and other participatory system dynamics methods in community contexts. Applications range from initial exposure sessions focusing on system dynamics concepts, rigorous applications of qualitative modeling and long term engagements grounded in formal simulation model development. This workshop will present practical guidance on community engaged project design based on the presenters’ experience designing and leading community-based modeling work around the world and in multiple languages. Topics covered will include community engagement, project sequencing, capability development, and group model building script adaptation. The second half of the workshop will consist of a structured consultancy in which participants will present out community-based modeling dilemmas for feedback from the participant and facilitator group. Dilemmas are defined here as practical issues with which participants are actively struggling, whether related to modeling, community engagement, facilitation, script selection, or capability development. This workshop is intended for GMB facilitators and system dynamics modelers who are working in community settings.