Abstract for: The Impact of Violating Behavior on Emergence of a New Norm

The objective of this study is to propose a theoretical model to answer under which conditions a violation of a harmful norm results in the emergence of a new norm inside the country. To propose this, I assume that there is likelihood that government punishment acts as a faciliatory tool for violation rather than a prohibitor and also that first violators trigger positive feeling among society. A theoretical Model Building paradigm is used for this study. For the conceptual model, I use social identity theory, and for the simulation section, system dynamics modeling is used. The results of the model support my assumptions; governments’ severe and/or unjustified punishment results in more violations. The model also supports the existing research in the field; Norm promoters and norm antipreneur play significant roles in this dynamic process. Finally, I discuss some possible policies which can benefit either government and/or contesters.