Abstract for: Towards a Hybrid Modeling and Simulation Framework for Behavioral Analysis

A review of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) literature in healthcare has identified a dearth of studies that have focused on incorporating human behavior factors and behavior analysis approach when developing models. Also, there is a lack of an M&S framework for behavioral analysis in healthcare, with a dearth of studies that employ a hybrid M&S approach. Due to the high level of uncertainty and complexity in human behavior, this research argues that a hybrid modeling approach can lead to a more realistic representation of the healthcare systems. Therefore, this research proposes the development of a hybrid M&S framework for behavioral analysis in healthcare in the context of combining SD with a soft OR method. The developed framework guidelines help modelers to think more rigorously as they follow defined steps in different lifecycle stages of a simulation study and to consider human behavior within the context of healthcare systems. Work in progress with the aim to explain in detail the required steps and methods for the model development process. Model verification and validation are in the process to fine tune the M&S framework. It is planned that the framework will be evaluated through the use of a healthcare case study.