Abstract for: Different approaches to COVID Modeling with Stella

Modeling COVID-19 has been a challenge and opportunity for members of the System Dynamics community. Many models have been built. Some simple aimed at pedagogy, some highly articulated designed to develop and evaluate plans to deal with the pandemic. In this workshop we will work through examples of different models done in Stella from the standard SIR model, to a conveyor-based version with different residence profiles in each state to an agent-based version that shows individual contact and spread of the disease. A variety of Stella techniques will be used in developing and working with these models including arrays, random function initialization, modules, sensitivity, import and export of data and calibration. Participants will see a number of potential solutions to modeling challenges and have an opportunity to discus issues they have faced. Participants will need a Windows or Macintosh based computer. If you do not have Stella installed we will make a workshop version available for the conference.