Abstract for: Integrating Circular Economy and Reverse Logistics for Sustainable Dairy Operation

In recent years, academic and industry circles have put a greater focus on the circular economy based on dairy wastes. There are numerous research opportunities in the dairy industry that include achieving sustainability, increasing productivity, managing wastes, developing genetics, commercializing dairy products, producing high-quality meat, and establishing an efficient supply chain with reverse logistics. This paper intends to build a dairy supply chain model based on a case dairy farm under the simulation environment. The simulation model will use system dynamics and the case method in a positivist and quantitative framework. This paper aims to create a causal/qualitative model, which will then be converted into a quantitative in a simulation environment. Later, the simulation model will be tested and expanded to use dairy wastes based on realistic and theoretical experience. The triple bottom line of sustainability, 3R model and reverse logistics will be reviewed to utilize dairy waste management. Finally, dairy wastes accumulated through reverse logistics help the industry generate substantially diversified byproducts for renewable energy and household usage. Keyword: Dairy Wastes, Circular Economy, Reverse Logistics, System Dynamics