Record of the
37th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA -- July 22-24, 2019

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Aamir, Munaf with Asmeret Naugle and Marissa Ballantine  Validate theories and verify models: A practitioner’s view on the need for requirements in SD  Abstract

Aeberhard, Yves with Endo Seiji, Roman Finger and Stefan Groesser  Return and Recycling of Li-Ion batteries from Electrical Vehicles: The development in Switzerland from 2018 to 2040  Abstract

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto with Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro  Learning lab for the management of invasive species, using Stella Architect.  Abstract  Link from Authors

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto with Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro  Modeling and simulating the socio-ecological system of the rivers of South Korea.  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Ansah, John with David Matchar and Nirmali Sivapragasam  Systems modelling as an approach for understanding and building consensus on non-communicable diseases (NCD) management in Cambodia  Abstract

Ansah, John with Hoe Inn Ryan Leung and David Matchar  An Evaluation of the Impact of Aggressive Hypertension, Diabetes and Smoking Cessation Management on CVD outcomes at the Population Level: A Dynamic Simulation Analysis  Abstract

Ansah, John with Keith Low Sheng Hng  Evaluating the Impact of Upstream and Downstream Interventions on Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis Care: A Simulation Analysis  Abstract

Asher BlackDeer, Autumn with Peter Hovmand and Patrick Fowler  Psychological Resilience from a Feedback Perspective  Abstract

Bahaddin, Babak with Saeed Langarudi and David Andersen  Systems Archetypes and Generic Structures for Reservoir Management  Abstract Paper Supporting

Bai, Yining with Saeed Langarudi and Alexander Fernald  Irrigation efficiency implications for regional hydrologic resilience in drought  Abstract

Ballantine, Marissa with Munaf Aamir and Robert Taylor  Strategic Office Vacancy Assessment Tool for Enhanced Facilities Space Management  Abstract

Ballard, Ellis with Peter Hovmand and Yiqi Zhu  Group model building in cross-cultural context: Unit testing for GMB workshop design and adaptation  Abstract

Batinge, Benjamin with Josephine Musango, Alan Brent and Cherie Forbes  Roadmap for universal electricity access and renewable energy targets in Ghana  Abstract

Becker, David  Data Asset Dynamics: The Calculus of Data Quality (Research in Progress)  Abstract

Bello, Hafiz  Modelling the Sustainability of Solar PV Mini Grid Solutions for the Rural Off Grid areas in Nigeria  Abstract Paper

Benabderrazik, Kenza with Birgit Kopainsky and Johan Six  When soon is already too late: How resilience and sustainability are indivisible in a country facing rapid environmental and socio-economic changes The case of fresh tomato in Morocco  Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from Authors

Benabderrazik, Kenza with Birgit Kopainsky and Johan Six  When tomato production and climate change reinforce the poverty trap: The case of tomato smallholder producers in Ghana  Abstract  Link from Authors

Benjun, Jia with Jianzhong Zhou, Xiao Chen, Zhongzheng He and Guangbiao Liu  Simulating operating rules for effective reservoir operation using system dynamics approach: a case study of TGR reservoir, China  Abstract Supporting

Bitschin, Iwan with Maël Droz, Sven Hunziker and Stefan Groesser  Change in payment behaviour towards cashless payments: The effects on the business model of a vending machine producer  Abstract

Block, Joachim with Stefan Pickl  The OR Control Tower: A Simulation-Based Concept for Resilience and Sustainable Optimization of Complex Adaptive Systems  Abstract

Boyd, Andrew with Gary Lowe and Justin Hicks  Student Enrollment Dynamics at University of California, Merced  Abstract

Branscomb, Jane with Karen Minyard  From competition to collaboration: Bringing organizations together to enable an integrated system-of-care strategy  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Branscomb, Jane with Lindsey Zimmerman, Stacey Park, Tom Rust, Andrew Holbrook, David Lounsbury, Debra Kibbe and James Rollins  An accredited, interactive, virtually facilitated curriculum for frontline mental health teams  Abstract  Link from Authors

Bystroff, Christopher  Technology versus Disease, Humans versus Nature.  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Cai, Lin  A Two-Way Comparative Evaluation Scheme for Public Service Quality in Beijing  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Carroll, Edward with Eliot Rich, Nancy Hayden, Dana Grisham and Sharon Trauth  A Model-based Engineering (MBE) Manifesto  Abstract Paper Supporting

Chen, Jessica  The Resource Curse in West Virginia Coal Counties  Abstract

Chon, Christopher  Was the Atomic Bomb Necessary to End the Pacific War?  Abstract Supporting

Chung, Saras  Building Future System Dynamicists by Focusing on the Next Generation in K-12  Abstract

Chung, Saras with Trevor Hicks, William Liem, Lia Downing, Eliza Farran and Carolin Hess  Parent and Caregiver Perspectives Impeding the Adoption of Early Childhood Education in Urban Cities with Concentrated Poverty  Abstract Supporting

Ciobanu, Natalia with Stefano Armenia, Alessandro Pompei, Rocco Scolozzi and Federico Barnabe  Use of System Dynamics Models as Part of a Game-based, Urban Sustainability Course for Students in Higher Education (SUSTAIN  Abstract  Link from Authors

Connolly, Justin with Judy Lawrence, Paula Blackett, Nicholas Cradock-Henry and Ben Nistor  Understanding the cascading impacts of climate change across critical local & community infrastructure in [country].  Abstract  Link from Authors

Cruden, Gracelyn with Kristen Hassmiller Lich, Leah Frerichs, Paul Lanier, C. Hendricks Brown and Byron Powell  Supporting the Selection of Evidence Based Interventions to Prevent Child Neglect for Community Implementation  Abstract  Link from Authors

Currie, Danielle with Carl Smith and Simon Reid  Cryptosporidium and ‘code brown’ – a participatory modelling approach to clearing the pool water  Abstract Supporting

Currie, Danielle with Cindy Peng, Jo-An Atkinson and Mark Heffernan  Falling for the wrong ‘solution’? – A dynamic decision support tool for national osteoporosis-related health policy in Australia  Abstract  Link from Authors

Darkow, Jon  Teaching Biology With Systems Models  Abstract  Link from Authors

Davis, Kirsten with Navid Ghaffarzadegan, Jacob Grohs, Dustin Grote, Niyousha Hosseinichimeh, David Knight and Kostas Triantis  The Lake Urmia Vignette: A Tool to Assess Understanding Complexity in Socio-Environmental Systems  Abstract

de Gooyert, Vincent with Marlies Honingh and Marieke van Genugten  Navigating between protocols and principles; An evaluation of the impact of Dutch school inspections  Abstract Paper

de la Cruz, Serena  Rural Intimate Partner Violence and Adverse Childhood Experiences  Abstract Supporting

de Witt, Magnus with Hlynur Stefansson and Ágúst Valfells  Balanced Upstream and Downstream Energy Security within the constraints of affordability, security and sustainability for Arctic communities  Abstract

Debreuck, Wim  Behavior Modeling in a business bounded context  Abstract

Dhirasasna, NiNa with Mauricio Uriona Maldonado  Adoption of Renewable Energy Technology in the Hotel Sector, Queensland Australia: A Push and Pull of The Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme  Abstract

Dhirasasna, NiNa with Oz Sahin and Susanne Becken  The Drivers and Barriers of Renewable Energy Technology Adoption in the Hotel Sector: Queensland, Australia  Abstract

DiCarlo, Christopher with Katharine Hinkle, Ashley Joyce and Rachel Henry  Teaching STEM with Systems Tools  Abstract

Dixon, Richard  Predicting Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic Staffing Requirements from Historical Patient Forecasts  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Drmola, Jakub  Exploration of resilience through non-deterministic migration model  Abstract

Dudley, Richard  The Changing Landscape of Open Access Publishing  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Duggan, Jim with Jair Andrade  HealthSim: A Management Flight Simulator to Support Resource Collaborative Decision Making for Pandemic Preparedness  Abstract Supporting

Ðula, Ivan with Andreas Groessler  Application of inequity aversion models in a dynamically complex supply chain  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Eberlein, Robert  Models and Stories: Getting people to act on insights  Abstract

Ebrahimvandi, Alireza with Niyousha Hosseinichimeh  System modeling of a health issue: the case of preterm birth in Ohio  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Eckert, Alec with Gian Wieck, Etiënne Rouwette and Matteo Pedercini  Structuration through practice: overcoming the institutionalization gap  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Enos, James  A Conceptual Model of Real System Age  Abstract Paper

Faezipour, Misagh  CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing System and the Efficacy Challenges  Abstract

Falebita, Oluwabunmi with Saroj Koul and John-Felix Akinbami  Global implication of oil sands resources on sustainable development  Abstract

Falebita, Oluwabunmi with Saroj Koul  Clustering of micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) and its implications for sustainable business growth  Abstract

Fallah-Fini, Saeideh with Mohammad Jalali  Modeling Obesity Trends among U.S. Children: A Preliminary Estimation of Energy Imbalance Gap  Abstract Supporting

Farkhondehmaal, Farshad  Wildfire Catastrophe as a Complex System Outcome  Abstract  Link from Authors

Fisher, Diana with Edward Gallaher, Martin Schaffernicht and Juliette Rooney-Varga  Designing Assessments to Judge Attainment of High Level Learning Goals: One Step in Propagating System Dynamics in Education (Stage 1: Background)  Abstract  Link from Authors

Foell, Andrew with Peter Hovmand  Community Structure Among Community-Based Interventions  Abstract

Forbes, Cherie with Josephine Musango and Lindsey Gillson  Using a past-present-future link to investigate changes in Ecosystem Services within the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Fowler, Ames with Allyson Beall King and Jan Boll  Diffusion of Soil Conservation Efforts; Understanding the Feedbacks of Conservation Success  Abstract

Froese Buzogany, Raquel with Paulo Goncalves and Hugo Yoshida Yoshizaki  Policy Analysis of Material Convergence Challenges During Disasters  Abstract

Frost, Laura with James McHann  Exploring the Infusion of Individual and Organizational Resilience into Management Courses  Abstract

Fuchs, Simon with Reto Gugler, Raphael Zech and Stefan Groesser  Business Model Analysis: The Case of a Popup Bar  Abstract

Garde, Cynthia  The Drone UAS Industry and Emerging Autonomic Systems: An Explanatory Study  Abstract

Gencer, Busra with Ann van Ackere  How do regulatory priorities affect market performance?  Abstract

Gidarjati, Merita with Matsumoto Toru  Emission Inventory and Prediction of Road Transportation Sources in DKI Jakarta Based on Auto Cohort Model with Emission Sub Model  Abstract

Godshalk, Andrea  System Dynamics Informed Spatial Design: Three Applications  Abstract

Gomez Vilchez, Jonatan with Gillian Harrison, Christian Thiel, Hui Lu, Charlene Rohr, Luke Kelleher and Austin Smyth  Preference elicitation for a dynamic simulation: powertrain choices in the European Union car market  Abstract Paper

Gomez Vilchez, Jonatan  Uptake of alternative fuels in the European Union bus sector  Abstract Paper

Goncalves, Paulo  Back to Basics: Fundamental building blocks of SD and OR  Abstract  Link from Authors

Grace, William  Transitioning power networks to renewable energy: an Australian case study  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Grace, William  Resource dependency – insights from modelling  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Groesser, Stefan with Felix Zadro  Reinforcement Learning in a Strategic Planning Simulation: A Case Study on Challenges and Approaches  Abstract  Link from Authors

Grossmann, Iris with Alan Bush  Education for Sustainability (EfS) and Urban Systems: Toward Principles for Teaching Systems Thinking  Abstract

Guzzo, Daniel with Ella Jamsin, Ruud Balkenende, Janaina Costa and Vinicius Picanco Rodrigues  Facilitated circular business model experimentation through System Dynamics: a resource-sharing case in healthcare  Abstract  Link from Authors

Habif, David V. with Peter Hovmand  Eliminating Childhood Lead Poisoning  Abstract

Habif, David V. with Peter Hovmand  Building a System to End Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children  Abstract

Hanes, Rebecca with Brian Bush  Transition Dynamics in the Nascent Bioproducts Industry  Abstract

Hashemian, MohammadMahdi  Needing more by giving less: Do Flexible Labor Strategies Help Reduce Labor Costs?  Abstract Supporting

Herrera, Hugo with Birgit Kopainsky  Resilience concepts for system dynamics applications in socio-ecological systems  Abstract

Holbrook, Andrew with Lindsey Zimmerman, Stacey Park, Tom Rust, David Lounsbury, Jane Branscomb, James Rollins and Debra Kibbe  Supporting Locally Calibrated Modeling at Scale with Front-line Clinical Teams Using a Transparent Data User Interface  Abstract  Link from Authors

Horvat, Andrijana with David Andersen, Henry Bartelet, Behzad Behdani and Pieternel Luning  Employing group model building to support team collaboration in product life cycle management - a food industry case  Abstract

Howe, Caroline  Comparing direct and indirect food recovery supply chains in the US and Europe: Environmental, Equity and Transparency Implications  Abstract

Hu, Bo with Ying Qian  A two-region model of economic growth and trade  Abstract Supporting

Jagustovic, Renata with George Papachristos, Robert Zougmore, Aad Kessler and Coen Ritsema  What are trade-offs and synergies from climate-smart agriculture to effectively deliver resilient and sustainable food security? Investigation in a climate-smart village  Abstract

Jajal, Priyanka with Trupti Mishra  Emissions from Indian Steel Industry – An Assessment of Demand Drivers  Abstract

Jalali, Mohammad with Catherine Digennaro, Abby Guitar, Karen Lew and Hazhir Rahmandad  Simulation Modeling in Health Policy: a Systematic and Critical Review of the Literature  Abstract

Jang, Peter with Nam Hee Choi and Mario Beruvides  South Korean Shipbuilders' Overcapacity Dilemma  Abstract

Janipour, Zahra with Floris Swennenhuis, Vincent de Gooyert and Heleen de Coninck  Long term effects of CO2 capture and storage: Will it help or hinder the sustainability transition?  Abstract Paper

Jeong, Daeyoung with Nam Hee Choi and Jinhyung Chon  An Analysis of the Policy Dilemma on the Weir Opening of Four Major Rivers in South Korea  Abstract

Jimenez, Luisa with Iván David Sánchez Londoño, Maria Amézquita, Maria Flórez and Laura Cardenas  Assessment of information policies for the reduction of adolescent pregnancy rates  Abstract

Johnson, Jennifer  Systems Thinking and the Individual: Habits and Learning Approach  Abstract

Johnson, Jennifer  Assessments of Systems Thinking and the Individual Learner: A Comprehensive Review and Revised Taxonomy  Abstract

Kamath, Vasanth with Asish Mathew and Giridhar Kamath  Human-wildlife interactions: a study towards the sustainability of Bengal tiger population in Bangladesh Sundarbans  Abstract  Link from Authors

Kanungo, Shivraj with Zachary Peck  Linking supply chain risk to supplier risk: a dynamic perspective  Abstract

Kapmeier, Florian with Helen Fischer and Birgit Kopainsky  How important is abstraction for understanding accumulation in environmental problem solving?  Abstract

Keith, David with Hazhir Rahmandad  Are On-Demand Platforms Winner-Take-All Markets?  Abstract

Keith, David with Lauren Taylor, James Paine, Richard Weisbach and Anthony Dowidowicz  Organizational Poverty in Nonprofit Organizations: 
Why Do Non-Profits Persistently Underinvest in Capabilities?  Abstract Supporting

Keith, David with Sergey Naumov, Hannah Rakoff, Lars Sanches and Anuraag Singh  Mobility-as-a-Service and the Future of New Vehicle Sales  Abstract

Keith, David with Sergey Naumov  Is Sharing More Sustainable? New Product Sales 
During the Transition from Low- to High- Product Utilization  Abstract

KHALILI, NASTARAN  Rumor Diffusion through Social Media  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Kianmehr, Hamed with Nasim Sabounchi, Shabnam Seyedzadeh Sabounchi and Saeed Langarudi  Heuristic Decision Making in System Dynamics Modeling- Case Study: Antibiotic Prescribing  Abstract

Kikuchi, Hiroki with Noriyasu Tsumita, Atsushi Fukuda, Sittha Jaensirisak and Taiki Takigawa  Modeling, Applying and Simulating Dynamic Model of Urban Flood to Developing Cities: An Example of Implementation of Adaptation Policy  Abstract

Kim, Dongha with Benjamin Chang-Kwon Chung, Dong-Hwan Kim and Seunghyun Yoo  The Tradeoff modeling for Urban Walking Policy in Seoul, Korea  Abstract

Kuhlberg, Jill  Understanding the Dynamics of Community Participation in Group Model Building  Abstract

Kunnitharayil Viswanathan, Pradeesh Kumar  Easter Island - Overshoot and Collapse  Abstract Supporting

Langarudi, Saeed with Connie Maxwell, Ashley Page, Yining Bai, Babak Bahaddin and Alexander Fernald  System-wide Policy Solutions for Water Scarcity Issues  Abstract

Laspidou, Chrysi with Nikolaos Mellios and Dimitrios Kofinas  Modeling the Water-Energy-Food-Land Use-Climate Nexus: the Greek Case Study  Abstract  Link from Authors

Lerner, Marissa with Peter Hovmand, Ajay Pillarisetti, Kirk Smith, Kalpana Balakrishnan, Sanjay Juvekar, Ashlinn Quinn and Joshua Rosenthal  Reducing Household Air Pollution through Improved Implementation of Exclusive LPG Use in Below the Poverty Line Households  Abstract

Li, Hetu with Zeyu Zhang, Haoze Zhu and Jiaqiu Wu  smart indoor-air conditioner optimal running status  Abstract

Lim, Tse Yang  The Road to Development Is Paved with Good Intentions: Inter-organizational dysfunction in the UN development system  Abstract

Linderman, Albert  Community Based System Dynamics, Rapid City Collective Impact  Abstract

Liu, Youzhi with Jilin Chen and HongXin Xu  Application of System Dynamics in Senior High School Physics  Abstract

Liu, Youzhi with Jilin Chen and Yeqiao Yu  Application of System Dynamics in Senior High School Economics: J-curve effect  Abstract

Lounsbury, David with Lindsey Zimmerman, Stacey Park, Tom Rust, Andrew Holbrook and Jane Branscomb  From Scriptapedia to hexagons, engaging stakeholders in model building to develop a healthcare quality improvement program  Abstract  Link from Authors

Lucas, Zachary with James Enos  Pleistocene Park: A Feasibility Study Using System Dynamics  Abstract Paper Supporting

MacDonald, Rod with Anthony Foretich, Sean Grier, Antoine Edelman and Joe Ziegler  Stratagem Remastered  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Mahmoudi, Hesam with Kiumars Dorani, Amin Dehdarian, Somayeh Khandan and Ali Mashayekhi  Does Systems Thinking Assessment Demand a Revised Definition of Systems Thinking?  Abstract

Mamkhezri, Jamal with Leonard Malczynski and Janie Chermak  100% Renewable-Electricity Demand: A Dream or Dreaming a Dream  Abstract Supporting

Marçal, Katherine with Patrick Fowler, Peter Hovmand and Jessica Cohen  Promoting Child and Family Stability through Homeless Services  Abstract Supporting

Martinez, Lina with Steve Peterson, Manuel Garcia-Perez and Michael Wolcott  Oilseeds integration into semi-arid wheat cropping systems of the USA inland Pacific Northwestern and Alternative Jet Fuel production  Abstract

Martinez, Mauricio with Laura Cardenas, Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia and Gerly Carolina Ariza Zabala  Decision-making and bounded rationality in the context of transport systems  Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Joshua Bergerson  Uncertainty in nonlinear relationships  Abstract

Matochi, Cris  Exploring the Effects of Dissolved Metals on Nutrients and Aquatic Life in Coeur d’Alene Lake, Idaho  Abstract

Matsumoto, Rachel  The Dynamics of Social Movements  Abstract Supporting

Maurer, Julie  Simulating the effects of unstable government funding on the resilience of the scientific research workforce  Abstract  Link from Authors

McAvoy, Sue with Andrew Staib  Can a system dynamics model inform improved access to emergency department care?  Abstract

Menendez, Hector with Luis Tedeschi and Benjamin Turner  A Modeling Framework to Assess the Impact of the Texas Beef Cattle Water Footprint on Livestock Sustainability  Abstract  Link from Authors

Menon, Balagopal G. with Biswajit Mahanty, Sunil Sahadev, Praveensal C. J. and Rakesh A  Modeling the Trajectories of Resilience and Collapse of Renewable Marine Resource  Abstract Paper  Link from Authors

Metcalf, Sara with Harvey Palmer, Qiuyi Zhang and Mary Northridge  An agent-based model of information dissemination and belief formation in social networks of urban ethnic minority groups  Abstract

Metcalf, Sara with Mark Paich and Mary Northridge  Integrating participatory and qualitative insights into dynamic models of oral health disparities  Abstract Supporting

Miura, Yoshitaka  Diffusion Challenges of Circular Economic Products  Abstract Paper Supporting

Miyoshi, Jun with Jun Eguchi and Yutaka Takahashi  The Impact of Fishermen’s Skill Stock on the Offshore Fishing Industry in Japan  Abstract

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi with Elvir Jasarevic  Carrying Capacity Erosion Dynamics: How Can Students’ Workload Bring Them Gradually to Their Knees?  Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from Authors

Moll, Maximilian  A Competitive Analysis of a Smart Optimization Framework  Abstract

Monus, Paul  Virtual worlds may be the key to resilience and sustainability via large scale culture change  Abstract

Moore, Andrew with Allen Householder  Multi-Method Modeling and Analysis of the Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Ecosystem  Abstract  Link from Authors

Morais, Mateus with Eliot Rich, Roberto Max Protil and Magnus Emmendoerfer  Graduate supply and distribution in Brazil: The effects of a graduate expansion policy on innovation in the Brazilian industry  Abstract

Morrison, J. Bradley with Dai Chung and Adam Steinberg  Transitions to Independence in the Early Careers of Surgeons  Abstract Supporting

Mozaffari, Alan with Jean-Francois Trani, Parul Bakhshi and Peter Hovmand  Building capabilities and social accountability within rural school communities: Increasing inclusive education equity and quality in Afghanistan and Pakistan  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Naugle, Asmeret with Laura Swiler, Kiran Lakkaraju, Stephen Verzi, Christina Warrender, Michael Bernard and Vicente Romero  Graph-Based Similarity Metrics for Comparing Simulations and Causal Loop Diagrams  Abstract

Naugle, Asmeret with Thushara Gunda and Casey Doyle  Barriers to Adoption of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)  Abstract

Newton, Paul  Fighting the Physics of Human Nature: Acceleration Mental Model Effects on Project Schedule and Cost Performance  Abstract Paper Supporting

Nguyen, Thuy with Rod Eggert and Corby Anderson  Intertwining material supply chains: coping with increased demand for electric vehicle batteries  Abstract

Novik, Alina  The Impact of Shadow Economy Size on the Intensification of Migration Flows and Economic Growth. The Case of Ukraine  Abstract  Link from Authors

Ong, Elizabeth Ling Lee  Critical Thinking in System Dynamics  Abstract  Link from Authors

Ong, Elizabeth Ling Lee with Clarisse Bu  How does parent-child estrangement come about, and how can these estranged ties be repaired?  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Ortiz Garcia, Ronald Akerman with Yony Fernando Ceballos and Elena Gutierrez  Modeling and Simulation of Human Behavior in Emergencies: Determination of the Effect of Mitigation Policies in the Colombian Legal Framework.  Abstract

Ozkan, Gokhan with Mehmet Ozdemir  A Balanced National Capability Decision Support System Model Proposal: A Technological Complexity Approach  Abstract

Ozolina, Anna  The Long and Winding Road: Sub-National Policy Solutions in the Drive to Sustainable Mobility  Abstract

Pavlov, Oleg with Evangelos Katsamakas  Long-Term Economic Viability of Tuition-Based Universities  Abstract

Penskoi, Aleksandr with Ivan Perl  Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerator for System Dynamic Simulation  Abstract

Perez Salazar, Gloria with Sayma Salinas, Ana Valdez, Isaac Alvarez and Gabriel Romo  Femicides in Mexico: Sleeping with the Enemy  Abstract

Peterson, Sara with Susan Clark and Robert Jeffers  Exploring the interconnections between infrastructure and human wellbeing following extreme disruptions  Abstract

Peterson, Steve with Annika Eberle, Danny Inman and Dylan Hettinger  Harnessing Landfills for Energy Production  Abstract

Picanco Rodrigues, Vinicius with Federico Cosenz and Francesco Rosati  Dynamic Business Modelling for Sustainability: Exploring a Lean Systemic Design Perspective  Abstract

Pierson, Kawika with Jon Thompson  Leveraging Quasi-Experimental Methods to Estimate Model Structure: Understanding School Funding Changes in Response to Court Orders  Abstract Supporting

Pritchard, Sarah with Melanie Houston  Using Community Based System Dynamics to Engage Allies in Anti-Oppression  Abstract

Qi, Jingyi with Nicole Barclay  A Conceptual Framework for Performance Assessment of Green Infrastructure  Abstract

Qiu, Peiyuan with Peter Hovmand and Patrick Fowler  Modeling Frameworks for Theory Development, Appraisal and Testing  Abstract

Qudrat-Ullah, Hassan  SIADH-ILE: A Simulation-based Learning Tool for Healthcare Management  Abstract

Quinn, Ashlinn with Raphael Arku, Jill Baumgartner, Joseph Brown, Thomas Clasen, Joe Eisenberg, Peter Hovmand, Pamela Jagger, Douglas Luke, Gautam Yadama and Joshua Rosenthal  Systems modeling in global environmental health research: the case for enhancing intervention design and program implementation in Household Air Pollution and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  Abstract

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Jerker Denrell and Drazen Prelec  Can learning and markets solve challenges to dynamic decision making?  Abstract

Ratliff, Eric with Paula Cuccaro, Kara Elam, Gwendolyn Johnson, Maria Fernandez and Susan Wootton  Exploring deficiencies in the implementation of school immunization policy in Texas  Abstract


Rezvany, Negar with Hamed Kashani  Assessment of the Impact of an Earthquake on Business Performance  Abstract

Rodiqi, Ilir  Thresholds for Learning System Dynamics  Abstract

Ros, Arjen with Michel Kuijer  An innovative procurement approach to achieve sustainable coastline care  Abstract  Link from Authors

Ros, Arjen with Michel Kuijer  Opportunities for reuse of parts and materials of bridges: a practical application of circularity concepts in asset management  Abstract  Link from Authors

Rust, Tom with Lindsey Zimmerman, Stacey Park, David Lounsbury, Jane Branscomb and Andrew Holbrook  Improving Frontline Healthcare Operations: Adapted Use of the Oliva and Sterman Service Delivery Model  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Ryzhenkov, Alexander  Stabilization of Industrial Cycles by Profit Sharing Policies Localized near Stationary States  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Saeed, Khalid  Unlinking public finance and taxation in a fiat currency system  Abstract  Link from Authors

Safonov, Yurii with Hennadii Hryhoriev and Ruslan Dymenko  Yuriy Safonov, Hennadii Hryhoriev_ Sensitivity analysis for diagnostics of the national macroeconomic system.  Abstract

Sales, Luciano with Rodrigo Augusto, Giselle Leite, Sanderson Barbalho and Antonio Henrique Duarte  Dynamic project management model based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK 6) mindset and vocabulary  Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from Authors

Salim, Hengky with Rodney Stewart and Oz Sahin  Conceptualising a systems model for end-of-life management of residential solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage system in Australia  Abstract  Link from Authors

Samadi Radani, Jaleh  Application of System Dynamics for Risk Management of Industrial Units & Projects  Abstract

Sassine, Jad with David Keith  Are You Still Listening? The Effect of Inattention on Diffusion in Social Networks  Abstract

Schaffernicht, Martin with Stefan Groesser  Towards a body of knowledge for system dynamics  Abstract

Schaffernicht, Martin  Delay gratification – about the pleasure to recognize delay structures in behavior graphs  Abstract Supporting

Schmitt Olabisi, Laura with Rachael Roberts-Toler, Kyle Metta, Jennifer Lawlor, Andrew Gerard, Jennifer Hodbod, Renée Wallace, Chelsea Wentworth, Mahdi Zareei and Steven Gray  Systems Archetypes in Community-Based Modeling  Abstract

Schoenberg, William  Combining machine learning and stocks to automatically generate structure  Abstract Supporting

Schoenberg, William  LoopX: Visualizing and understanding the origins of dynamic model behavior.  Abstract Supporting

Sedehi, Habib  Changing Organization Process Design Analysis - COPDA  Abstract

Sedehi, Habib with Stefano Armenia, Georgios Tsaples, Jason Papathanasiou and Alessandro Pompei  System Dynamics model to investigate Racism in Football  Abstract  Link from Authors

Selvakkumaran, Sujeetha with Erik Ahlgren  Extending a solar PV diffusion model to include storage and actor interactions  Abstract  Link from Authors

Sharif, Ayub with Steve Peterson  Is the Gentrification Process a Foregone Conclusion?  Abstract

Sharma, Sudesh with David Lounsbury  The role of dietary practices and physical activity in the interaction of social determinants of non-communicable diseases in Nepal: a systems perspective  Abstract

Simpson, Allison with Peter Hovmand, Saras Chung and Ellis Ballard  A Learning History of Changing Systems  Abstract

Sluijs, Teun with Jai Clifford-Holmes and Nuno Videira  A Model in Conversation: Assessment of Cape Town Desalination (ACTDesal)  Abstract Supporting  Link from Authors

Smith, Raymond with Randall Etheridge  Exploring adaptation strategies to sea-level-rise for rural coastal communities  Abstract

Somogyi, Janet with Ravneet Singh  Influence of Social Media Voice on Engagement and Amplification  Abstract

Sooknanan Pillay, Nalini with Josephine Musango, Alan Brent, Francois Van Geems and Victoria Thomas  Is there Life after Life? The Future of Electric Vehicle Batteries in South Africa  Abstract

Stave, Krystyna  Insight as a framework for System Dynamics practice  Abstract

Tadesse, Aklilu Tilahun  Effect of online interactive learning environments on students’ complex dynamic problem solving skills  Abstract Supporting

Talukder, Byomkesh  Complex Adaptive Modelling of Climate Change Health Impacts in Coastal Bangladesh  Abstract

Tang, Bo  Success or Failure on Food Safety Information Traceability An Evidence from Shanghai  Abstract Supporting

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Wakulich, Kayla  Reaching for global change through local level interventions that support an environmental sense of place  Abstract

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