Abstract for:Relationship between Burnout and Accomplishment among Real Estate Agents: A Case Study of Shanghai

Employee burnout is a very common phenomenon in various public and private industries, especially in the professions such as real estates where employees are subjected to contact with clients directly. Previous research indicates that the real estate agent is a particularly stressful form of occupation. This research uses system dynamics to establish models of how burnout influences the real estate transactions and provides a case study of Shanghai. The model not only clearly shows the complex causal relationship between burnout and accomplishment but also supplies a method to discover the key factors in this process. The result revealed that working hours were the main cause of burnout. Decreasing over time will increase the employees’ energy level and increase their productivity and improve accomplishment. But the accomplishment is also sensitive to the change in employees’ productivity and training time for new employees. At the end of this research, policy implications are offered as references for the real estate firms.