Abstract for:Modelling the Sustainability of Solar PV Mini Grid Solutions for the Rural Off Grid areas in Nigeria

For an end use oriented planning of the electrification system in order to meet y the energy access for all goals by 2030, there needs to be an attempt to understand how developments in markets, attitudes, policies and behaviours co-evolve with the introduced electrification innovation in the envisioned acceptable future system. These dynamics needed for “eco-restructuring” are complex, poorly understood and paid insufficient attention during policy making and rural electrification project execution. This is a key cause of a failure of projects to achieve scale and falling short of expectations in the energy and economic development sectors. Using the case of Nigeria, this research explores the process of cumulative causation in terms of the following i.) How national and international actors have responded to the sustainable off-grid electrification policies over the years. ii) The dynamism of the decentralised off-grid electricity system through the build-up of capacity within local actors within the Nigerian context.