Abstract for:Systems Archetypes and Generic Structures for Reservoir Management

In the recent movements among water scientist, feedback mechanisms are progressively becoming prominent. Following this trend and in their recent article, Di Baldassarre et al. [2018] introduce two long-term dynamics in reservoir management, the supply-demand cycle and reservoir effect which are caused by feedback mechanisms between human and natural systems. However, after acknowledging the difficulties in quantifying such causal relationship, the authors call on water managers, social scientists, policymakers, economists, ecologists and hydrologists to collaborate and develop analytical tools capturing the long term dynamics produced by the interactions of physical, social and technical processes. Inspired by this call, this paper constitutes a first step to bridging qualitative water resources analysis and quantified simulation models. To this end, we have used system dynamics modeling and its embedded concepts such as systems archetypes and generic structures to study human-nature interaction in the context of water resources management.