Abstract for:Dynamic Business Modelling for Sustainability: Exploring a Lean Systemic Design Perspective

Sustainable business models have been attracting increased attention by corporate sustainability scholars and practitioners. More recently, with the intent to provide a shared understanding of the basic principles, requirements and criteria underlying sustainability-oriented business model development, the prevailing literature has conducted a comprehensive comparative analysis of the available modelling tools from which a number of methodological shortcomings have emerged. Drawing on these findings, the aim of this paper is to contribute to this debate by exploring how a dynamic approach to business modelling for sustainability may overcome such methodological gaps. In the attempt to meet the basic requirements of sustainability-oriented business model development, this approach – named Dynamic Business Modelling for Sustainability – uses a lean systemic design perspective derived from the combination between an adapted Sustainable Business Model Canvas and System Dynamics modelling. The paper also illustrates key operating principles through an exemplary application to Patagonia’s business model. This approach contributes to sustainable business model research by conceptualizing a systemic design tool which frames environmental, social and economic drivers of value generation into a unique business