Abstract for:A Model-based Engineering (MBE) Manifesto

As a systems research analyst for Sandia National Laboratories, it was my distinct honor to lead a week-long Conversation to dig into the transformation toward a model-based engineering (MBE) approach with a small group of hand-picked senior systems scientist and engineers. If you don’t know, a transformation to an MBE approach is a major paradigm change for our industry, associated companies, and participating member engineers. Rarely are we offered the opportunity to thoroughly discuss these really large intractable problems. Knowing this before we started, I intentionally seeded my group with a group of professionals from diverse perspectives on the problem. The outcome of those long hours of Conversation into many diverse topics was our MBE Manifesto. I would like to propose this manifesto as a guide to motivate and possibly drive our industry toward a fully integrated digital engineering capability. The purpose of the manifesto is to summarize and make explicit key values and principles motivating the transformation to a model-based engineering approach. We would like to post our manifesto at the ISDC2019 to obtain your feedback, and share what we have learned while on this road toward a model-based approach.