Abstract for:Return and Recycling of Li-Ion batteries from Electrical Vehicles: The development in Switzerland from 2018 to 2040

This paper deals with lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles. The question is how many batteries such vehicles will dispose in the future and how they will be handled. Since more electric vehicles will be purchased and used on the roads in the future, more Li-ion batteries will be in the system. Thus, a certain number of worn batteries will be produced each year. To answer these questions, a System Dynamics model will be created. The model is built with real and simplified values. The model was tested with five different scenarios. So, it was possible to recreate several cases. At the end, it is clear how many batteries will be produced for the case country of Switzerland. Furthermore, the CEO of Auto Recycling Swiss had to be interviewed in order to validate and supplement the model. The model was deliberately narrowed down. Since many variables could not be assigned defined values and various variables in theory do not correspond completely to reality, one had to make conscious limitations.