Abstract for:A Balanced National Capability Decision Support System Model Proposal: A Technological Complexity Approach

The development level of a country can be assessed by the ability to develop advanced technologies and the general level of prosperity. The level of technology can be assessed by comparing both the number of different products produced (diversification) with that technology and global market share of the competitive countries. Sustainability and resilience of the technology is as important as technology itself. The optimum balance among the elements of a national capacity (manpower, economic power, psychosocial power, technological power, geopolitical power and political power, and military power) plays an important role in meeting sustainability and resilience requirements during technology development process. System thinking approach can be used to model national capacity to monitor sustainability and resilience of the technology.

In this study, system dynamics modeling approach is used to determine the interactions of the national capacity elements in strategic level. Network Science is also used to determine the most salient parameters in which the interaction between the system and its elements. A robust decision support system will be introduced on what measures should be taken to ensure that national capacity is resilient.