Abstract for:Modeling and simulating the socio-ecological system of the rivers of South Korea.

This time we start with a powerful hypothesis developed by a group of researchers from South Korea, to intervene an ecosystem of complex rivers in their country, on which depends the sustainable development of their community, in this hypothesis they relate the behavior of four sectors that connect the algae growth regulation service, with the care of the environment, the health of the ecosystem, wetlands and sandy areas, the population dynamics of the fish, the fishing production, the animals and the vegetation that develops in that ecosystem, that also favors the spiritual and cultural development of people, its visitor attraction parks, and the improvement of the aesthetic value of the area, and the dredging and maintenance of its rivers, and manages in a better way the maintenance and construction of dams , the management of floods and the level of groundwater in terms of balance and redundancy, water management for living Go, the water for industrial development and the use of fertilizers for your crops of watermelons, garlic and onions, as you can see, a powerful and complex real-world history, perhaps also can be seen as a national security problem, for which Social science will have to be applied for