Abstract for:System Dynamics applied to modeling of modern information wars

Contemporary world requires not only the continuous development of technological ideas, but also political and economic ones. The intensive development of technologies, not only brings unlimited possibilities of information exchange, but also facilitate emerging of new threats, including information and economic wars which may introduce huge destabilization of countries.

In the article author presents first noticed cases in XXI-st century of real information war which led to serious political changes and introduced huge destabilization in many regions of the world especially in North Africa, Near East and eastern Europe. Dissemination of information played key role during revolutionary and military operations and it was used by all sides of conflict. It was the first time when mass media especially social portals like Facebook, Tweeter or Youtube were used in military operations to influence international public opinion’s view on surrounding reality.

Using System Dynamics methodology author attempts to model nature of information war and its influence on social, political and economic decisions made by authorities.

Presented work is in beginning state and need further research.