Abstract for:Yuriy Safonov, Hennadii Hryhoriev_ Sensitivity analysis for diagnostics of the national macroeconomic system.

The novelty of the obtained results consists in the development and scientific substantiation of the theoretical and methodological basis, methodological guide and recommendations regarding the state regulation of financial and economic process that will ensure the competitiveness, innovative and investment attractiveness of the national economy under globalization based on main principles of system dynamics.  The research is aimed on solving current scientific problems in the field of state regulation of financial and economic processes through the concepts of evolutionary paradigms of the national macroeconomic environment development under globalization using sensitivity analysis principles.  The process of diagnostics in the system of  the macroeconomic environment  and its segments state regulation, supplemented by the components of interrelated elements oriented to the knowledge of financial economic and  social contradictions in the macroeconomic environment of the country will allow to detect the pathological changes and the influence of financial and economic processes development factors, including deviations  from the planned macroeconomic parameters and will provide development of measures for their solutions, taking into account the priority closed cyclical development in the national economy. As a result, fundamental principles of system dynamics research helped to model the process of diagnostics in the national regulation system.