Abstract for:Oilseeds integration into semi-arid wheat cropping systems of the USA inland Pacific Northwestern and Alternative Jet Fuel production

Oilseeds’ insertion on the wheat rotation system could break disease, weed, and insect cycles; improve soil quality, nutrient cycling, and water use, and provide economic benefits. Alternative Jet Fuel (AJF) could be a demand generator of these oilseeds and vegetable oil. However, the complexity and uncertainties of the supply chain development and its stability over time have reduce the investors’ attractiveness on these projects and delayed the AJF deployment. 

A System Dynamic model has been proposed to understand the interactions of the parties involved in oilseeds to AJF production and delivery system. This model aim is to provide scenarios of the deployment of AJF in the PNW region and insights that delineates the design of a feedstock to AJF supply chain and to estimate the potential production of the alternative fuel by 2030. It is expected that the tool allows investors and stakeholders on the development of business strategies that reduces the risk associated on the value chain set up.Three tasks have been proposed to achieve the main goal: model conceptualization, model development and analysis, and validation.