Abstract for:The Impact of Shadow Economy Size on the Intensification of Migration Flows and Economic Growth. The Case of Ukraine

Due to the intensification of the processes of globalization, labor migration in the world acquires significant facilities, which requires a careful study. The result of movement is the change in the labor market situation, which has a considerable impact on the economic state for both origin and destination countries. Based on surveys and previous research works, high level of corruption and shadow economy in the country influence individuals’ choices on migration. The higher level of shadow economy decreases the feeling of confidence and prompts a decision to move abroad where the economic situation is more stable. According to the official statistics, the size of the shadow economy in Ukraine according to different measurements vary from 25 to 50% of GDP, which is one of the highest numbers in the world. Therefore, the topic for Ukraine is relevant given the characteristics of the national labor market, and the lost opportunities because of the high level of the shadow economy and the changes that have taken place in conjunction with foreign policy and no-visa regime with European Union.