Abstract for:Business Model Analysis: The Case of a Popup Bar

This written work is based on System Dynamics (SD). It provides insights into the structure and performance of a popup bar. Therefore, various findings on the effects of scenarios, policies and key variables are presented and explained.

This small excerpt from our model basically shows our foundation stone. From here we unraveled and qualitatively extended the model. Many of data in the variables had to be estimated due to lack of expertise. Thus, this model represents an approximation of the structural behavior of a popup bar. All important aspects and influences from the environment are included and processed in the right proportion. Thanks to the Vensim software, the model can be easily customized and a concrete popup bar could very quickly get real insights into the future.

The goal of this paper is to give an idea of how popup bars work and how they might make profit to survive and to expand. It should be a tool for further strategy analysis and decision making for the accountable managers of a bar. Hence, this text must be analyzed and understood to recognize opportunities or threats.