Abstract for:Application of System Dynamics in Senior High School Physics

 System dynamics was developed in 1956 by Professor J. W. Forrester. The understanding of the problem in system dynamics is based on the close dependence between the behavior of the system and the internal mechanism, and is obtained through the establishment of mathematical model and the process of manipulation. System thinking is a kind of global dynamic thinking method to analyze the feedback information, nonlinear characteristics and time delay. It helps the user to see things from a holistic, dynamic rather than a local, static point of view. Domestic scholars from the beginning of the 21st century the explore the application of system dynamics in the middle school teaching, especially in high school physics inquiry learning system thinking method, improve the students' ability of independent thinking, understanding and insight, the characteristics of system, we study life can clear and clearly express their views, and improve communication ability to communicate with others, to help us form a worldview and personality to complex competition environment in the new century, improve the ability to solve the problem of dynamic complexity.