Abstract for:The Drone UAS Industry and Emerging Autonomic Systems: An Explanatory Study

Although unmanned aircraft system (UAS), also known as drones and Aerial Unmanned Vehicles (AUV), are capable of scaling into rapidly evolving drone systems creating new sectors or stimulating growth within existing industry sectors contributed by rising technological application which is at an all-time high, adoption is variable within the commercial civilian sector. Moreover, the Limits to Growth model continues to be the paradigm of world dynamics providing insight on systemic behavior such as technology applications, its effects on resources, and the universal truth that all systems are limited. This paper explores the complex dynamical systems which UAS is a part of while identifying the forces, epiphenomena, and phenomena significant to its adoption behavior and forecasted emerging systems resulting from dynamical shifts and delays due to technological application growth, human factors, precedent, regulation, under to overutilization, increased natural disaster, traffic systems, and emerging systems including autonomic control systems.