Abstract for:Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerator for System Dynamic Simulation

The article considers a simulation process efficiency of system dynamic models — the analysis of a simulation process specialties on general-purpose processors. The problems of horizontal scaling and level of parallelism are described. As an alternative, the possibility of a hardware implementation of the system dynamic model on the FPGA is considered. Approaches based on register transfer level (RTL) development, high-level synthesis (HLS), and reconfigurable processor architectures are considered.

A solution is proposed based on the NITTA project developed by the authors, which implements the original processor microarchitecture and CAD. It allows you to implement specialized reconfigurable real-time processors programmable in high-level languages. The key architectural features of the proposed solution and the features of the development process are described. The road map of the project, as well as the currently developed prototype,  are described.

In the future, the proposed solution allows you to create intensely specialized for the field of system dynamics hardware processors programmable in XMILE with a high level of parallelism, significantly increasing the speed of simulation, reducing power consumption and working in real time.