Abstract for:Success or Failure on Food Safety Information Traceability An Evidence from Shanghai

This paper regards enterprises that upload food safety information as stocks by system dynamic. By exploring the influence of different factors on different processes of enterprise information uploading, the system dynamic diagram is constructed, and the paper discusses policy intervention points that can affect the increase of enterprise stock of information uploading. The points include the improvement of information upload platform, the standardization of transaction process, the stricter supervision and enforcement degree of relevant administrative departments. On the one hand, it can provide a more convenient platform for enterprises to upload information and reduce the cost of information upload. On the other hand, it increases the cost of enterprises that do not upload information (fines, rectification or reduction of corresponding subsidies, etc.). Finally, the paper points out the policy interventions to increase the stock of information uploading enterprises, to achieve the timeliness, authenticity, integrity and traceability of food safety information uploading.