Abstract for:Exploratory Study on Real-Time Scenario Supporting ICT Solution for Communication with and Involvement of the Community in Urban Landscape Planning

The landscape planning has been carried out by landscape architects and clients mainly funded by local government. Recently, the communication with and involvement of the community is getting more important, which needs the collective learning of the interaction of stakeholders. ICT should be re-configured to be used for the public who don’t have the specific software and knowledge to use it with and want to know the impact of their decision at hands.

We developed a real-time scenario technology for landscape management of urban agricultural space using Stella Online running on any internet browser. Scenarios come from “Green roof carbon storage model”  based on the solid literature review articulating that carbon stocks differ according to the planted trees. This solution is utilized by game based; three players with assigned trees each can test the result with the change of the carbon stock and the cost on the website without any installation of software with any devices.

With the development of ICT, communication with the public becomes important. The development of ICT and visualization technologies can expand the human experience by enriching the interaction of human and space. Therefore, the real-time scenario based on the website can contribute to efficient decision-making through.