Abstract for:Changing Organization Process Design Analysis - COPDA

Henry Mintzberg, one of the founders of the modern organization theory, has studied the most suitable coordination mechanisms and planning parameters for an organization, according to the organization context and basing on the deductive analysis. Some years later, Peter Senge through the concept of “Learning Organization” has created the necessary conditions to establish an organization, which will have to be sustainable in time and will have to include the Systems Thinking  discipline. So, during these time of globalization and with the continuous complexity increasing, how can be designed a changing organization in order to be both competitive and resilient  to the fast and endure changes?

The paper describes a work in progress which aims to draw the cognitive infrastructure and to set the standards for an ambitious research project, addressed to the development of an original  dynamic modeling in order to support the general organizing change design analysis. System dynamics methodology  has been chosen for analyzing and creating a “meta” model, whose main goal is to work up the five disciplines defined by Senge regarding the creation of a Learning Organization, in order to activating strategic levers, which have been pointed out by Mintzberg in his five organizing configuration  models.