Abstract for:A Learning History of Changing Systems

In this paper, we take up the question of what we can learn from our experience engaging and working in K-12 through the first four years of Changing Systems, a university-based summer program for high school students based on advancing the application of system dynamics to local community issues. We take a developmental view of the program as an evolving design based on changes in demand for the program, participation, and what we saw and explored as potential opportunities for the program. The paper is organized as follows. The background section begins with a brief history of system dynamics in K-12 education and a description of the unique tradition and community context in St. Louis. The next section provides an overview of the Changing Systems Youth Summit from 2015-2018, including its backbone design, variations over time. The next session discusses our remaining questions and promising opportunities in this space moving forward. The paper closes with implications for the field of system dynamics practice, research, and K-12 education.