Abstract for:Facilitated circular business model experimentation through System Dynamics: a resource-sharing case in healthcare

Business model innovation is a crucial path to a Circular Economy. High complexity is commonly linked to the implementation of Circular Business Models (CBMs). However, available business modelling tools are still rather static and fail to communicate the long-term impacts of the innovation. In this work, we aim to develop a tool to facilitate understanding and experimentation of CBMs towards exponential positive impacts. System Dynamics was used to conceptualise and verify the behaviours of a closed sharing platform in one hospital through a case study. The dynamics of durables and consumable resources in the hospital are verified considering user adoption and items registered in the platform. Varying exogenous factors that the sharing company can intervene in define the scenarios. Interventions through changes in the business model are enabled via an increased understanding of behaviour that lead to positive impacts identified through modelling and simulation.