Abstract for:Femicides in Mexico: Sleeping with the Enemy

One of the many problems Mexicans have to face every day is insecurity in the streets, but Mexican women not only have to deal with it, they also have to take care of themselves at home. The current situation shows the rising number of violence cases against women from their partners, that may end up with the victim´s perish. Femicide is the act of violence against women caused by the fact that the victims belong to the female gender. It refers to the murder of women motivated by hatred, contempt, pleasure or sense of possession towards women.  A relevant statistic data showed that in 2016 alone, there were 2,746 murder cases against women and the tendencies continue to rise for the upcoming years due to the lack of perspective, as well as incorrect strategies focused on tackling the wrong sources of the problem. This paper analyze this complex problem, using System Dynamics to estimate the tendency of Femicides in Mexico towards 2025. The model was parametrized to observe the femicides trend, and a sensitivity analysis was develop to identify high leverage variables to consider in a scenario analysis.