Abstract for:Global implication of oil sands resources on sustainable development

ver the years, there have been various projections and estimates indicating the depletion of

conventional resources; since global energy demand is said to be on the rise and still expected to

increase by 25-45% come year 2030; unconventional energy sources appear to be the next game

changer. Oil Sands (OS) and other natural resources occurring in unconventional sources are of

immense importance to the world at large; thereby transforming global energy supplies, and

creating new opportunity resources. Not to mention the following potential of reducing imports,

increasing reserves, enhancing job opportunities, among others. Provided these resources can be

sustainably developed in countries wherein they exist. This study therefore, presents an attempt

at unravelling the potential, implication and multiple effects of OS resources on the three

dimensions of global sustainable development –social, economic, and environmental- through a

System Dynamics (SD) approach; taking a case of Canada, Venezuela and Nigeria. This paper

would be of significance to researchers and practitioners with avid interest in promoting sustainable

resource development. It will also provide useful information for policy makers in formulating

energy policies and in natural resource governance