Abstract for:Emission Inventory and Prediction of Road Transportation Sources in DKI Jakarta Based on Auto Cohort Model with Emission Sub Model

Based on the previous studies, transportation has the highest contribution to the emission inventory of CO2 in DKI Jakarta in particular. The Government of Indonesia has tried several efforts in reducing the emission of CO2, including the introduction of implementation of usage of Euro 4 to replace the current Euro 2, starting March 2019. Most of the study in Indonesia used the calculation of CO2 emission by using the total fuel consumption. Aside from that, the age of vehicle has rarely been included as one of the important factors in this calculation of the CO2 emission. Therefore, the author will use the vehicle age cohort models using the STELLA application. With this model, emission inventory for important air pollutants (based on regulation from the Government of Indonesia: CO, HC, NOx, PM10, CO2, and SO2) can be calculated in more detail and prediction of important air pollutants emission in year 2040 after the application of Euro 4 can also be identified in order to know whether the new strategy of introduction of Euro 4 will be effective or not in the long run to decrease the key air pollutants emission in DKI Jakarta, in particular.