Abstract for:An accredited, interactive, virtually facilitated curriculum for frontline mental health teams

This poster describes the purpose, design, and course resources of Modeling to Learn (MTL), a participatory simulation learning program in the initial phase of national implementation with frontline mental health clinic teams. Twelve live, interactive sessions are co-facilitated remotely by system dynamics and mental health expert pairs. Participant and facilitator resources support learning objectives as well as scale-up, fidelity monitoring, and research. MTL addresses the challenge of limited reach of evidence-based psychotherapies and pharmacotherapies across the Veterans Health System. While scalable for broad impact, it empowers change at the level of local clinic teams. A needs assessment helps teams identify their priority and choose which of 5 system dynamics models to use for simulation learning. A data user interface lets them customize the data pulled from the VA Corporate Data Warehouse to populate the models. The simulation user-interface allows participants to formulate, test and record their Question, Hypothesis, Results, and Decisions – together in their “team world” or on their own in an “individual world”. In this poster and handouts we share several novel aspects of Modeling to Learn, including the curriculum design, facilitator scripts and learner guides; the technology tools, course delivery approach, and fidelity assurance; and funded research