Abstract for:Modeling, Applying and Simulating Dynamic Model of Urban Flood to Developing Cities: An Example of Implementation of Adaptation Policy

A dynamic model which is represented the interaction between urban activities including transport and land-use, and floods was developed. The urban activities model was represented in urban systems by using the existing transport land-use model. In parallel, the urban flood model was developed with consideration of river basin systems such as rainfall, water volume, and water level as an original model. And, those two system models were combined to represent flood impacts to urban activities. Then, the combined model has simulated under the implementation of adaptation policies. Additionally, in order to validate the reality of the simulation, the model was applied to a developing city. Lastly, the flood risk, travel time, and population were indicated as a sensitivity analysis. As a result, our developed model was able to be simulated the implementation of adaptation policies on transport and land-use. Especially, it was able to simulate to reproduce the index of flood risk, travel time, and population. In conclusion, our developed model is able to reveal the interaction between urban activities and urban flood. Additionally, the model was proved valid to simulate to evaluate the effects of transport and land-use adaptation policies on flood damages to urban activities.