Abstract for:Does Systems Thinking Assessment Demand a Revised Definition of Systems Thinking?

A number of different systems thinking assessments have been proposed in the literature, each based on a specific definition of systems thinking. We argue that these systems thinking definitions tend to see the nature of systems thinking as a system methodology in line with system dynamics; whereas, systems thinking is essentially an unconscious worldview which helps with understanding complex systems rather than modelling and analyzing a phenomenon. A literature review reveals that the available definitions vary considerably in terms of interactions and sequence of systems thinking skills; while most of the definitions ignore the emergence of systems thinking as a worldview from the skill set. Finally, it is demonstrated that the flaws in the systems thinking definition are inherited by the systems thinking assessment method that adopts that definition and thus, the first step towards developing a well-established assessment method is revisiting and honing the systems thinking definition.

Keywords:  Systems thinking, Systems thinking definition, Systems thinking skills, Systems thinking assessment, System dynamics, System methodologies.