Abstract for:Extending a solar PV diffusion model to include storage and actor interactions

Given the subsidy for battery storage systems (BSS) in Sweden, the rise of the prosumer community is to be expected. Furthermore, the end of life of the solar PV (SPV) will also affect in the diffusion of SPV and BSS among households. The rise of the prosumer community will also affect the local grid owners/operators, leading to myriad interactions. Thus, the objective of this study is to extend the existing simple model of SPV diffusion to include battery storage system, expiring SPV panels in households, the interactions between utility operators/grid owners and SPV retailers, along with the municipality actors’ interactions. The research questions to be answered are; how can battery storage and expiring SPV systems be modelled, and how can the linkages and interactions between prosumers, municipality actors, utility operators and retailers be modelled in a SD model? The first step in this process is the formulation of causal loop diagrams (CLD) of the distinct extensions to the simple SPV diffusion model.