Abstract for:Behavior Modeling in a business bounded context

How to use a pre-software-age science in new-school software-design where data is everywhere and cheap.

In the talk i'll be covering :

- what is system dynamics and what is it's value in today's application models (IT System)

- how can use the (same) model for simulation and production monitoring : added value of this kind of monitoring

- presenting an simple example case, and one real life model used by Bridgestone Container traffic flow

- the seemless integration of streaming architectures and System Dynamic Models.

the talk will also explain the difference between linear and non-linear event-streams, and how to incorporate both into a model.

the 'big message' is to not only design/model 'a process', but also to model the 'behavior of a process'. Something that is most often left to the helpdesk in a post-production-release era