Proceedings of the
32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society*
Delft, Netherlands -- July 20-24, 2014

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Aamir, Munaf   Applying Existing System Dynamics Business Formulations to Model Terror Organizations   Abstract Supporting

Abdul Muhaimin, Tariq with Nikolaos Mavroeidis   Energy transitions in Built Environment of Netherlands: A System Dynamics approach to diffusion of Solar boilers and Insulation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Adeniran, Ezekiel   A System Dynamics Model for the Investigation of Additional Source of Raw Water from Effluent Water from a Constructed Wetland   Abstract Paper

Aiello, Valentina with Francesco Ceresia and Claudio Amedeo Casiglia   The Clinical Risk Management in a Hospital Ward: a Case-Study adopting System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Aiyetan, Olatunji with Dillip Das   Using system dynamics principles for conceptual modelling to resolve causes of rework in construction projects   Abstract Paper

Allen, Samuel   System Dynamics Methods on a Shoe-String   Abstract

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto with Beatriz Eugenia Navarro Vazquez, Ruth Raquel Almaguer Navarro, Pedro Dagoberto Almaguer Navarro and Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro   Sahel Learning Lab   Abstract Paper Supporting

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto with Beatriz Eugenia Navarro Vazquez, Ruth Raquel Almaguer Navarro, Pedro Dagoberto Almaguer Navarro and Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro   Alcohol Learning Lab   Abstract Paper

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto with Beatriz Eugenia Navarro Vazquez, Ruth Raquel Almaguer Navarro, Pedro Dagoberto Almaguer Navarro and Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro   Urban Dynamics Learning Lab   Abstract Paper

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto with Beatriz Eugenia Navarro Vazquez, Ruth Raquel Almaguer Navarro, Pedro Dagoberto Almaguer Navarro and Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro   Chinese Dynasties Learning Lab II   Abstract Paper

Amelia, Dea Fitri with Birgit Kopainsky and Progress Nyanga   Exploratory Model of Conservation Agriculture Adoption and Diffusion in Zambia: a Dynamic Perspective   Abstract Paper

Anderson, Edward   A Dynamic Model of Centralized vs. Decentralized Process Improvement   Abstract Supporting

Ansah, John with David Matchar, Rahul Malhotra and Chi-Tsun Chiu   Educational attainment and incidence-based projection of functional disability among older Singaporeans   Abstract

Ansah, John with David Matchar, Rahul Malhotra and Chang Liu   Projecting the effects of long-term care policy on the labor market participation of informal caregivers: Simulation Insights   Abstract

Armenia, Stefano with Camillo Carlini, Alessandro Cardazzone, Pierluigi Assogna, Elisabeth Brein, Cristina d'Alessandro and Edoardo Limone   A System Dynamics approach to Critical Infrastructures Interdependency Analysis: the experience of the CRISADMIN Project   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Angelo De Angelis   Julius Caesar's System Understanding of the Gallic Crisis: a peek into the mind of a History Maker   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Camillo Carlini and Alessandro Cardazzone   Understanding Security Policies in the Cyber Warfare Domain through System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Alessandro Cardazzone   Analyzing counter-terrorism and asymmetric conflict policies by means of a system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Arto, Klaus with Joachim Block, Bo Hu, Armin Leopold and Stefan Pickl   Inclusive growth and sustainable finance in connected national economies   Abstract Paper

Ashouri Rad, Armin with Hazhir Rahmandad and Mehdi Yahyanejad   Estimating the Dynamics of Individual Opinions in Online Communities   Abstract Paper Supporting

Auping, Willem with Sijbren de Jong, Jan Kwakkel and Erik Pruyt   The Geopolitical Impact of Shale Gas: The Modelling Approach   Abstract Paper

Auping, Willem   Modelling the Skinner Thesis: Consequences of a Lognormal or a Bimodal Resource Base Distribution   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ayenew, Melak with Birgit Kopainsky   Food Insecurity in Ethiopia: Population, Food Production and Market   Abstract Paper

Bardi, Ugo with Virginia Pierini, Christophe Mangeant and Alessandro Lavacchi   Peak Waste: a dynamical analysis of global waste trend production   Abstract

Barnabe, Federico   Matching Integrated Reporting with System Dynamics for Integrated Thinking: Focus on the Airline Sector   Abstract Supporting

Basse, Isabel with Robert Schmitt   System Dynamics Model of an Assembly System in Ramp-Up – Focusing Inspections   Abstract Paper

Bennich, Therese with Tom Bongers and David Collste   Unintended Consequences of the North Dakota Oil Boom: Stress on the Local Counties   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bier Naugle, Asmeret with Michael Bernard   A General Theory of Societal Governance and Power Dynamics of Extremist Groups   Abstract Paper

Bigman, Matthew with Dea Fitri Amelia, Ariel Gani and Enzo Bivona   Strategic Resources and Reestablishing Presence in the German Olive Oil Markets: A DPM Case Study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Block, Joachim with Stefan Pickl   The Mystery of Job Performance: A System Dynamics Model of Human Behavior   Abstract Paper

Butterfield, Tristan with Michael Yearworth   The distribution of project performance: initial investigations of its nature and what we can learn from it   Abstract Paper

Cai, Lin   The Study of Relationship Between Population Dynamics and Climate Change in China - an Ongoing Research Project   Abstract Paper

Cakaciaslan, Serdar with Pinar Seke, Mustafa Ugur, Tolga Saglik and Yaman Barlas   Interactive Dynamic Modeling for the Passenger Flow Bottleneck and Security Checkpoint Management at an Airport   Abstract Paper Supporting

Capelo, Carlos   Modelling a Startup Energy Service Company (ESCO) Using System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Cardenas, Laura with Isaac Dyner and Carlos Franco   Effect of the emissions-mitigation policy on the electricity sector   Abstract

Carnohan, Shane with Jacob Jacobson, Andrew Ford and Allyson Beall King   Simulating Pelletization Strategies to Reduce the Biomass Supply Risk at America’s Biorefineries   Abstract Paper Supporting

Cavana, Robert with Trecia Smith, Rodney Scott and Shaun O'Connor   Causal mapping of the New Zealand natural resources sector: a preliminary analysis   Abstract Paper

Cavazos Elizondo, Antonio with Gloria Perez Salazar, Estefania Bojorquez, Pedro Torres Estrada and Juan Garza   Applying Systems Thinking to Design a Criminal Policy   Abstract

Cave, Siôn with Graham Willis, Daniele Gioe and Hannah Darvill   The use of system dynamics in a strategic review of the English dental workforce   Abstract Paper

Ceballos, Yony Fernando with Isaac Dyner   Assessing Sustainable Development of Isolated Communities: The Role of Electricity Supply   Abstract Paper

Chan, Derek   Access to Healthy Food Innovations and Initiatives across Socio-economic Classes   Abstract

Chateau, Pierre-Alexandre with Yang-Chi Chang   A Spatial-Dynamic Approach for the Integrated Management of Coastal Ecosystems   Abstract Paper

Chatzimichali, Anna with Michael Yearworth and Kevin Potter   Locked in a capability trap? The case of the composites industry   Abstract Paper

Chung, Saras with Jaime Hoard and Peter Hovmand   A Developmental Framework for Assessing Application of Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics in Teams and Organizations   Abstract

Clifford-Holmes, Jai with Jill Slinger, Josephine Musango, Alan Brent and Carolyn Palmer   Using System Dynamics to Explore the Water Supply and Demand Dilemmas of a Small South African Municipality   Abstract Paper Supporting

Coelho, Silvia Regina with Ricardo Chaim   Mathematical modeling and computational semiotics: methodological approach to formalization of semiotic concepts   Abstract Paper

Collins, Ross   Using inclusive wealth for dynamic analyses of sustainable development: Theory, reflection and application   Abstract Paper Supporting

Costanza, Francesca with Enzo Bivona and Giada Li Calzi   A Research Framework To Design Sustainable Patients’ Mobility Policies In Sicily   Abstract Paper

Currie, Paul with Jack Radmore, Josephine Musango and Alan Brent   Sanitation technology options in informal settlement: a system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

d'Hont, Floortje with Jill Slinger and Petra Goessen   A knowledge intervention to explore stakeholders’ understanding of a dynamic coastal nature reserve   Abstract Paper Supporting

Davies, Megan with Josephine Musango and Alan Brent   A systems approach to understanding the effect of Facebook use on the quality of interpersonal communication   Abstract Paper

de Gooyert, Vincent with Etiënne Rouwette, Hans van Kranenburg, R. Edward Freeman and Harry van Breen   Energy Transition Dynamics; Understanding Policy Resistance in the Dutch Energy System   Abstract

Deenapanray, Prakash with Andrea Bassi, Christoph Legrand, Peter Kouwenhoven and Yinping Li   Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation into National Development Planning   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Delibas, Adem with J. Bradley Morrison   Towards a shared understanding of nutrient pollution in Cape Cod's coastal waters   Abstract Paper

Drobek, Marc with Wasif Gilani and Danielle Soban   A data-driven and tool supported CLD creation approach   Abstract Paper

Duggan, Jim   A Method for Modelling and Calibrating Disaggregated Diffusion Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Duryan, Meri with Godefridus van Merode, Dragan Nikolik and Leopold Curfs   Facilitating Bottom-Up Knowledge to Support Decision-Making in Long-term Healthcare Providers   Abstract Paper

Edali, Mert with Hakan Yasarcan   The Effect of Semi-Rational Supply Chain Members on the Decision Parameters Used in Managing the Stock of an Echelon   Abstract Paper

Eker, Sibel with Daniel Leston and Januardy Djong   Modeling the Dynamics of Canine Rabies and Policy Analysis under Uncertainty   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eker, Sibel with Cornelia van Daalen   Analyzing the Dynamics of the Bio-methane Production Chain and the Effectiveness of Subsidization Schemes under Uncertainty   Abstract Paper

Failla, Salvatore with Enzo Bivona and Nazareno Ventola   Exploring Airports’ Landside Congestion Impacts on the dynamic of Passengers Satisfaction   Abstract Paper

Fallah-Fini, Saeideh with Hazhir Rahmandad, Regina Bures and Terry Huang   Modeling Obesity Trends among U.S. Children: A System Dynamics Model for Estimating the Energy Imbalance Gap   Abstract

Fanokoa, Pascaux Smala   Macroeconomic view of sustainability of dry forest in Androy region. A system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Farr, Warren   Implications of MBA Durability for Providers of Masters in Business Administration Degrees   Abstract Paper Supporting

Farr, Warren   Dynamics of Solid Fuel Rocket Engines: Exploring Physics and Feedback   Abstract Paper Supporting

Faryna, Oleksandr   A System Dynamics Model of Ukraine's Monetary Sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ferencik, Rachel with Chris Soderquist, Karen Minyard and Mary Ann Phillips   Building Systems Thinking Capacity: An essential skill set for policymakers   Abstract Paper

Florez Atehortua, Lucas with Kevin Kruijthoff   Bees population decline as a threat to crops production   Abstract Supporting

Franco, Maria   Seeking Implementation in Group Model Building Interventions   Abstract

Gani, Ariel with Andreas Groessler   Linking Brand Equity and Customer Equity: A System Dynamics Perspective   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gerber, Andreas   Food Security as an Outcome of Food Systems: A Feedback Perspective   Abstract Paper

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid with Yi Xue and Richard Larson   Hiring College Graduates to Flip Hamburgers: An Endogenous Theory of Professionalization   Abstract

Glasser, Stephanie with Walter Ellis, James Chin, Chris Glazner and Vincent Kane   A Model For Eliminating Veteran Homelessness in the USA   Abstract

Gloeser, Simon with André Kuehn   Modeling the Feedback of Battery Raw Material Shortages on the Diffusion of Alternative Automotive Drives   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gokalp, Elvan with Gulsevi Basar, Duygu Tekin and Yaman Barlas   Dynamic Modeling of Peritoneal Dialysis and Its Implementation in Children with Chronic Kidney Failure   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gomez-Quintero, Juliana   Defense Capability Engineering: Design of a Conceptual Model   Abstract Paper

Groesser, Stefan with Joanna Gabriel   Opportunity to improve: the first large scale empirical analysis about the replicability of system dynamics studies   Abstract  Link from authors

Hackett, Stian   Natural capital in climate-economic models   Abstract

Handel, Oliver   Demand Endogenization of Intermediate Products in Supply Chains through a System-Dynamics-based Modularization Concept   Abstract Paper

Happach, Roland Maximilian with Andreas Groessler   Modeling the inner-European trade volumes of natural gas   Abstract Paper Supporting

Haraldsson, Hördur with Marie Wiktorsson   Understanding the policy implementation deficit of the Swedish Environmental Quality Objectives system   Abstract Paper

Hartwig, Johannes with Wolfgang Schade   Impacts of Climate Mitigation Policies on Sectoral Distribution Effects and overall Economic Growth in Germany   Abstract Paper

Hayden, Nancy   Resilience in Civil Conflict and Implications for Intervention Policies: An integrative systems approach to policy design   Abstract Supporting

Hayward, John with Rebecca Jeffs, Leanne Howells and Kathryn Evans   Model Building with Soft Variables: A Case Study on Riots   Abstract Paper Supporting

Heffron, Peter   Operationalizing Systems Thinking and System Dynamics Principles, Methods, and Tools in Government Policy and Management   Abstract Paper Supporting

Herrera Ramirez, Milton with Javier Orjuela Castro, Mauricio Becerra Fernandez and Olga Romero Quiroga   Using System Dynamics and Fuzzy Logic to Assess the Implementation RFID Technology   Abstract Paper Supporting

Herrera, Hugo   Integrating System Dynamics with traditional management tools: a case study in the Apparel Industry   Abstract Paper Supporting

Herrera, Hugo   Combining group decision support systems and system dynamics to create strategic statements   Abstract Paper

Hesan, Reza with Amineh Ghorbani and Virginia Dignum   Using Difference Equation to Model Discrete-time Behavior in System Dynamics Modeling   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary with James Rice, Minh Pham, Thien Nguyen, Yen Vu, Anh Doan and Sara Wilhelmsen   A Model-Based Governance and Planning System for HIV-AIDS Services in Vietnam   Abstract Paper

Hohberg, Georg   Dwarf Shrubs Alichur: GIS-SD Hybrid Model   Abstract

Hosseinichimeh, Niyousha with Hazhir Rahmandad and Andrea Wittenborn   Modeling the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis: A review and extension   Abstract

Houghton, James with Michael Siegel, Daniel Goldsmith, Allen Moulton, Stuart Madnick and Anton Wirsch   A Survey of Methods for Data Inclusion in System Dynamics Models: Methods, Tools and Applications   Abstract Paper

Hovmand, Peter with Nathaniel Osgood, Alison Kraus, Jill Kuhlberg, Ross Hammond, Kristen Hassmiller Lich, Anindita Biswas, Kurt Stange and Johnie Rose   Extending Group Model Building to Agent Based Modeling: A Case Study on Understanding the Paradox of Primary Care   Abstract

Hovmand, Peter with Gary Darmstadt and Wolfgang Munar   Global and Regional Health Partnerships: Improving the Linkages Between Global and Domestic Primary Health Care Policy Agendas   Abstract

Huertas Quiroga, John with Maria Franco   Using System Dynamics to Analyze Social and Economic Challenges for Myanmar   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hull, Katrina with David Andersen   Exploring a New Mechanism Increasing Emergency Department Visits   Abstract Supporting

Islam, Tushith with Erik Pruyt   Adaptive sampling to explore the behavioral spectrum of system dynamics models: The case of mineral/metal scarcity   Abstract

Iurchenko, Veronika   Business Strategy Deltares’ Delft3D   Abstract Paper

Iurchenko, Veronika with Dea Fitri Amelia and Dominik Jung   Analysis of project management processes at a Dutch public infrastructure agency using group model-building   Abstract Paper Supporting

Jagdish, Ninad with Andreas Groessler   Sandbox SD Models: Catalyzing the Widespread Understanding of Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Jalali, Mohammad with Hazhir Rahmandad, Sally Bullock and Alice Ammerman   Dynamics of Obesity Interventions inside Organizations (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Supporting

Jangali Kasmaei, Sina with Yalda Amini and Gholamreza Eslamifar   A study on the dynamics of government investment in graduate education capacity and employment in Iran   Abstract Supporting

Jeffers, Robert   A Model of Population Movement, Disease Epidemic, and Communication for Health Security Investment   Abstract Paper

Kapmeier, Florian with Roland Maximilian Happach and Meike Tilebein   Bathtub Dynamics Revisited: Does Educational Background Matter?   Abstract Paper

Karanfil, Özge with John Sterman   A Dynamic Model for Breast Cancer Screening: Misperceptions and Feedback in Screening Mammography Debate   Abstract

Karanfil, Özge with John Sterman   Our Walk to the “End of Cancer”: Understanding the Trade-Offs and Feedback in Mammography Screening Decision   Abstract Supporting

Kasperek, Daniel with Markus Lindinger, Sebastian Maisenbacher and Maik Maurer   A structure-based System Dynamics Approach for Assessing Engineering Design Processes   Abstract Paper Supporting

Keith, Bruce with Erica Bower and Jonathan Lee   Estimating the Effect of Climate Change on the Hydrology of the Nile River in the 21st Century   Abstract Paper Supporting

Keith, David   Natural Gas Pathways and Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Diffusion in the US Automotive Fleet   Abstract

Kikuchi, Hiroki with Atsushi Fukuda and Tuenjai Fukuda   Study on the Impact of CO2 Emission Depending on Change of the Urban Structure: Case Study of Khon Kaen, Thailand   Abstract Paper

Kleemann, Max   Misconceptions of the Dynamic Nature of Building Energy Retrofitting Rates in Germany   Abstract

Kopainsky, Birgit with Matteo Pedercini and Fulai Sheng   National Governance   Abstract

Korzilius, Hubert with Stefan Raaijmakers and Eline de Jong   A Different Outlook On Stock-Flow Tasks: Using Eye Tracking Methodology To Explore Eye Movements Of Problem Solvers   Abstract

Kottakarar Murugan, Siva Muthuprakash with Om Damani   A Stock and Flow Based Framework for Indicator Identification for Evaluation of Crop Production System (Barry Richmond Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Kubli, Merla   The Impacts of Governmental Policies on the Investment Decision for Renewable Energies in the Swiss Electricity Market   Abstract Paper

Kuijer, Michel with Arjen Ros and Richenel Breeveld   Using system dynamics to improve integrated Life Cycle Cost of Physical Assets   Abstract Paper

Kuipers, Jurgen   Formal Behaviour Classification under Uncertainty: Applying Formal Analysis to System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kumar, Praveen with Raul Martinez and Zhu Xiao   Sustainable Diffusion of Improved Cookstoves in Rural India: Exploring Key Determinants through System Dynamics Modeling   Abstract Supporting

Kunc, Martin with Rossen Kazakov   Visualising Strategies: The impact of user interpretation of a strategic decision support system   Abstract Paper

Kunz, Patrick with Ursula Frischknecht-Tobler, Brigitte Bollmann-Zuberbühler, Nina-Cahtrin Strauss and Stefan Groesser   Adoption of Qualitative System Dynamics in Primary and Secondary Education in the German-speaking Part of Switzerland   Abstract

Kwakkel, Jan with Willem Auping and Erik Pruyt   Comparing Behavioral Dynamics Across Models: the Case of Copper   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lacey, Peter   Equality?   Abstract Supporting

Lacey, Peter with Simon Taylor and Konstantinos Domdouzis   Collaboration in model use   Abstract Supporting

Lafond, Daniel with Jean-François Gagnon, Marie-Ève St-Louis, Sylvain Pronovost, Michel DuCharme and Sébastien Tremblay   Decision Heuristics and Human Performance in a Policy Management Simulation   Abstract Paper

Lane, David with Eileen Munro and Elke Husemann   Reviewing Child Protection in England   Abstract

Lastunen, Jesse   Macroeconomic Dynamics of Greece in the Midst of the Eurozone Crisis – Application of SD Modeling and Insights for Policy   Abstract

Lawrence, Jack with Siôn Cave   Using system dynamics to inform future pharmacist student intake in England until 2040   Abstract Paper

Lee, Man-Hyung with Nam Hee Choi and Won-Gyu Ha   Why Do Cattle Prices Fluctuate?: Structural Characteristics and Simulation Works   Abstract Paper

Lee, Tsuey-Ping   Do Indemnities Make Pollution Victims Happier?:A System Dynamics Perspective   Abstract Paper

Libby, Bradd with Alexander Christiansen   Increasing Resilience of Supply Networks to Climate Change Induced Disruptions   Abstract Paper Supporting

Libby, Bradd   The Mednyi Mystery: An Hypothesis for the Collapse of an Arctic Fox Population Due to Removal of Human Predation   Abstract Supporting

Linneusson, Gary with Tehseen Aslam   Machine Strategy Evaluation Using System Dynamics Group Model Building   Abstract Paper

Logtens, Thomas   Diabetes in The Netherlands: Exploratory Modelling and Analysis of a Macro Diabetes System Dynamics Model   Abstract

Lychkina, Natalia   Simulation of the pension system process development   Abstract Paper

Malczynski, Leonard   The missing seventh stage: model construction   Abstract Supporting

Mandal, Abhijit with Janos Csak   Policy Making for a Mixed Strategy Game between Taxpayers and Tax Authorities   Abstract

Mandal, Abhijit with Saikat Chaudhuri   Managing Complexity and Uncertainty in Offshore Outsourced New Product Development Projects   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Richard Kraske, Douglas MacIvor, David Sallach and Stephen Conrad   Adversarial Dynamics: Coupled Reversals in Asynchronous Conflicts   Abstract

Mazur, Christoph with Marcello Contestabile, Gregory Offer and Nigel Brandon   Combining the Strengths of System Dynamics and the Multi-Level Perspective to Explore Policies for Sustainable Transitions   Abstract

Mazzarolo, Claynor with Ricardo Chaim, Andre Toffanello and Ricardo Puttini   SOA Governance Dynamics in a multiparadigm approach   Abstract Paper

Minyard, Karen with Tina Smith, Richard Turner and Bobby Milstein   Making the Most of Simulation Modeling in Community Settings: A Conceptual Framework with Practical Value   Abstract

Molina, Edmundo   A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing the International Diffusion of Emerging Climate Change Mitigation Technologies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Molina, Raul with Alberto Atzori, Romulo Campos and Hugo Sanchez   Sustainability of Colombian Livestock Systems: the Stocking Rate Submodel   Abstract Paper

Mollona, Edoardo with Lorenzo Massa and Gabriele D'Angelo   A simulation model for corporate sustainability performances. Motivated search, survival ability and learning feedback   Abstract Paper

Monasterolo, Irene with Flavio Tonelli, Aled Jones and Davide Natalini   An hybrid System Dynamics – Agent Based model to simulate Complex Adaptive Systems: a new model for sustainability analysis   Abstract

Moorlag, Ruben with Willem Auping and Erik Pruyt   Exploring the Effects of Shale Gas Development on Natural Gas Markets: a Multi-method Approach   Abstract Paper

Moosavi Haghighi, M. Hashem   A System Dynamics Investigation of Employment and Production in the Fars Province Agricultural Sector   Abstract Paper

Morrison, J. Bradley with Robert Wears   Resilience in the Emergency Department: An Endogenous, Dynamic Phenomenon   Abstract

Movilla Blanco, Santiago   Socio Economic Effects of Food Insecurity in Kenya and Possible Reduction of Undernourishment through a Different Crop Mix   Abstract Paper Supporting

Moxnes, Erling with Stephen Alessi   Testing training programs to limit binge drinking   Abstract Paper

Mulder, Yvonne with Lars Bollen and Ton de Jong   Learning From Erroneous Models Using SCYDynamics   Abstract Paper

Mutallip, Ahmet with Hakan Yasarcan   Desired Supply Line Value Calculation for Multi-Supplier Systems   Abstract Paper

Mutallip, Ahmet with Hakan Yasarcan   Effect of Lead Time on Anchor-and-Adjust Ordering Policy in Continuous Time Stock Control Systems   Abstract Paper

Mwangi, Henry   Modelling the trio infection of HIV, Malaria and TB: A System dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Nakamura, Paulo with Ricardo Chaim   Foresight and System Dynamics for modelling the dynamics of Organizational Knowledge   Abstract Paper

Nicholson, Charles with Mark Stephenson   Modeling Government Intervention in Agricultural Commodity Markets: U.S. Dairy Policy Under the Agricultural Act of 2014   Abstract Paper

Oet, Mikhail with Oleg Pavlov   Feedback Mechanisms in the Financial System: A Modern View   Abstract Paper

Olafsdottir, Anna with Gunnar Stefansson and Helgi Ingason   The value of Stakeholder Group Model-Building when facing a System Dynamic problem   Abstract Paper

Olaya, Camilo with Vanessa Angel   The War on Drugs: A Failure in (Operational) Thinking   Abstract Paper

Olaya, Camilo   The Scientist Personality of System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Oliva, Rogelio   Structural dominance in large and stochastic models   Abstract Paper

Ong, Elizabeth   From Singlehood to Marriage   Abstract Paper Supporting

Osorio, Sebastian with Ann van Ackere   Security of Supply in the Swiss Electricity Market: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Papachristos, George with Geerten van de Kaa   Factors for winning Format Battles: a modelling approach   Abstract Paper

Papachristos, George   Technology, performance and team adaptation to regulation in Formula 1   Abstract Paper

Park, Chankook with Hyun-Jae Kim   Dynamics of Smart Grid Technology Acceptance   Abstract

Pavlov, Oleg with James Doyle, Khalid Saeed, James Lyneis and Michael Radzicki   The Design of Educational Programs in System Dynamics at WPI   Abstract Paper

Pedercini, Matteo with Kaveh Dianati and Gunda Zullich   Addicted to Fertilizers - How soil mismanagement makes our food systems increasingly vulnerable   Abstract Supporting

Pinagara, Fajar with Inge Bleijenbergh   Understanding the Low Proportion of Women in Employment in Indonesia: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Pourmasoumi Langarudi, Saeed with Diane Strong, Khalid Saeed, Olga Volkoff, Sharon Johnson, Lori Pelletier, Bengisu Tulu, John Trudel, Lawrence Garber, Isa Bar-On   Dynamics of EHR Implementations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Powell, Beth with Bhakti Onggo   The Dynamics of Public Trust in a Business Organisation: Perspective from a Focus Group of Business Consultants   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pruyt, Erik   Uncertainty and System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Tushith Islam   The Future of Modeling and Simulation: Beyond Dynamic Complexity and the Current State of Science   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Scott Cunningham, Jan Kwakkel and Hans de Bruijn   From data-poor to data-rich: System Dynamics in the era of Big Data   Abstract Paper

Puvvala, Abhinay with Amitava Dutta and Rahul Roy   Calibrating System Dynamics Models of Technology Diffusion with Structural Breaks: The case of Android Handsets   Abstract Paper

Qian, Ying with Leire Labaka, Peter Lango and Jose Gonzalez   Modeling the 2005 Hatlestad Slide   Abstract Paper Supporting

Qin, Zhen with YouLan Li   Coilia Ectenes: Crisis and Solution   Abstract

Rai, Veerendra with Dong-Hwan Kim   Embedding Learning Aids in System Archetypes   Abstract Paper

Rajabi, Ahmad with M. Hashem Moosavi Haghighi   The Effects of Energy Consumption on Environmental pollutants and Social Costs in Iran Using System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Ran, Weijia with Luis Luna-Reyes, Jing Zhang, Djoko Sayogo, Francois Duhamel, Sergio Picazo-Vela and David Andersen   Exploring the Role of Entrepreneurship and Business Models in Technology Diffusion   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ribeiro, Ludmila with Manuel Barcelos   The Diffusion of Constellations of Small SAR Satellites: A Complex System Approach   Abstract Paper

Richardson, George   Drawing Insights from a Small Model of the Growth of a Management Science Field   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rocha, Leno with Takashi Yoneyama, Mischel Neyra Belderrain and Paulo Goncalves   System Dynamics, Optimal Control and Analytic Hierarchy Process applied to the Chemotherapy of Leukemia   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rodiqi, Ilir   Utilization of Knowledge in Construction Projects   Abstract Paper

Romanenko, Eduard   Building Shared Vision As a Project Management Strategy: Quantitative model for a Qualitative Problem Context   Abstract Supporting

Rose, Anika   An Exploration of the SD field: a Model-Based Policy Analysis Perspective   Abstract Paper

Rosenberg, Zuzana with Marlen Christin Jurisch, Michael Schermann and Helmut Krcmar   Using Case Survey Methodology to Extract Variables and Causal Links: An Example from Studying Business Process Change   Abstract Paper

Ruutu, Sampsa with Hannamaija Maatta and Marja Toivonen   Adoption Dynamics of Chronic Care Model   Abstract Supporting

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   Win-lose, Lose-lose and Win-win Stabilization Policies for a Growth Cycle   Abstract Paper Supporting

Salazar Rosales, Leandro with Jian-Bo Yang and Yu-Wang Chen   Analysing Delays and Disruptions in Aircraft Heavy Maintenance   Abstract Paper Supporting

Saldarriaga, Maria with Progress Nyanga and Birgit Kopainsky   Dynamic decision making in coupled social-ecological systems   Abstract Paper

Sanchez de la Nieta Guisa, Daniel   The Dynamics of Violent Crimes in New York City: A 50-Year Perspective   Abstract Paper Supporting

Saysel, Ali   Analyzing Soil Nitrogen Management with Dynamic Simulation Experiments   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schaffernicht, Martin with Stefan Groesser   Towards a System Dynamics Competence Framework   Abstract

Schoenenberger, Lukas with Andrea Schenker-Wicki   Can System Dynamics learn from Social Network Analysis?   Abstract Paper

Scott, Rodney with Robert Cavana and Donald Cameron   Group model building – do clients value reported outcomes?   Abstract Paper

Sedehi, Habib with Laura De Rocco   Check-Sim: Cultural Heritage Check-up Simulation model   Abstract Paper

Seitz, Claudio with Orestis Terzidis   Market Penetration of Alternative Powertrain Concepts in Heavy Commercial Vehicles: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Shafiei, Farshid with Gholamreza Eslamifar   A dynamic analysis on the child labour population in Iran   Abstract Supporting

Shahmohammadi, Sadegh with Rosnah Binti Yusuff, Hamed Shakouri, Mir Sadat and Sina Keyhanian   Long Term Policy Analysis of Malaysia's Renewable Energy Fund Budget: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Shakouri, Hamed with Shakib Taheri, Ayyub Ansarinejad and Sadegh Shahmohammadi   An Adaptive Statistical Data Processing Algorithm Applied to SD Modeling of Iran’s Demographic Transition   Abstract Paper

Sharifan, Golnoosh with Sina Jangali Kasmaei, Yalda Amini and Gholamreza Eslamifar   A system dynamics approach to examine the method of resolving traffic congestion in Tehran   Abstract Supporting

Shepherd, Simon with Chandra Balijepalli   Regulation or information: Can we influence city competition?   Abstract Paper

Sidharta, Mutiara with Takeshi Arai, Utomo Putro and Hidetsugu Morimoto   Modeling Spin-off Creation in University Technology Transfer with System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Sihombing, Lukas   Toll Road Infrastructure Development in Indonesia: A System Dynamics Perspective   Abstract Paper Supporting

Skribans, Valerijs   Occupational Labour Demand Sub-model of Latvian Labour Market Forecasting and Policy Analysis System Dynamics Model   Abstract Paper

Somogyvari, Marta with Tibor Kiss and Gyorgyi Nemeth   The Effect of Utility Cost Reduction   Abstract Supporting

Sooknanan Pillay, Nalini with Willem Nel, Brett Cohen and Josephine Musango   A system dynamics approach to exploring the relationship between income distribution and residential electricity consumption   Abstract Paper

Sorasalmi, Tomi with Joona Tuovinen and Sen Bao   Dynamic Analysis of Trust and Commitment Building   Abstract Paper

Sorci, Pietro   The Impact of State’s Legal and Organizational Framework on Social Capital Development   Abstract

Soto-Torres, M. Dolores with Ramon Fernandez-Lechon and Pedro Fernandez Soto   Models focused on policies: the search for feedback   Abstract

Soto-Torres, M. Dolores with Ramon Fernandez-Lechon and Pedro Fernandez Soto   Through the Red Queen effect   Abstract Paper Supporting

Soufivand, Mona with Enzo Bivona, Enza Giangreco and Valentina Chetta   Towards a Sustainable Social Service Delivery System Through Public-Private Partnership: A Conceptual System Dynamics Approach   Abstract

Sovilj, Siniša with Marina Tkalec   Renting versus Buying: System Dynamics Approach to Housing   Abstract Paper Supporting

Srivatsav, Naveen with Marc Jaxa-Rozen and Rick van Staveren   Using Microfinance for Flood Mitigation and Climate Adaptation in Bangladesh   Abstract Paper

Stave, Krystyna with Birgit Kopainsky   Dynamic thinking about food system vulnerabilities in highly developed countries: Issues and initial analytic structure   Abstract Paper

Sterman, John with Gökhan Dogan   “I’m not hoarding, I’m just stocking up before the hoarders get here.” Behavioral causes of phantom ordering in supply chains   Abstract

Stouten, Hendrik with Andreas Groessler   Task complexity in individual stock control tasks for laboratory experiments on human understanding of dynamic systems   Abstract Paper

Strohhecker, Jürgen with Michael Leyer   Integrating Stock-and-Flow Structures in Decision-support Dashboards – A Catalyst to Improve Dynamic Decision Making   Abstract Paper

Struben, Jeroen with Derek Chan and Laurette Dube   Policy Insights from the Nutritional Food Market Transformation Model: The Case of Obesity Prevention   Abstract

Struben, Jeroen with Jad Sassine   From Category Building to Industry Referent: Competition and Coevolution among Hybrid Electric Vehicles   Abstract Paper

Sücüllü, Can with Gönenç Yucel   Behavior Analysis and Testing Software (BATS) (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Svirakova, Eva   Forecasting Outcomes Achieved in Cultural and Creative Projects: System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Tabacaru, Mihaela with Helen Fischer and Nadia Said   Do People Possess a Global and Ordinal Understanding of Accumulation ? An Experimental Study   Abstract Paper

Takahashi, Yutaka   To host a conference with short arrangement time   Abstract Paper Supporting

Tao, Mingzhe with Eliot Rich   Information Science in System Dynamics: A Review of the ISDC Bibliography   Abstract Paper

Tasrif, Muhammad   System Dynamics Model of Technology and Economic Growth: A Preliminary Study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Tomoaia-Cotisel, Andrada with Zaid Chalabi, Karl Blanchet, Jenny Neuburger, Samuel Allen, Julie Day, Debra Scammon, Jaewhan Kim, Michael Magill, Bernd Rechel   Variation in a Medical Home: Clusters of Practice, Disparate Outcomes and Dynamic Tensions   Abstract

Trailer, Jeff   Grain Processing Strategic Growth Model & Tool for the Board of Directors   Abstract Supporting

Trijssenaar, Anton   A Simple Sustainability Model: Simulating growth with just joules of energy and bits of data   Abstract Paper Supporting

Trimble, John   Boundary Concepts in System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Turan, Özlem with Gönenç Yucel   Analyzing Electric Vehicle Diffusion Scenarios for Istanbul   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ullah, Muhammad with Tiru Arthanari and Anson Li   Understanding & Modelling Corruption: Exploiting System Dynamics   Abstract Supporting

Uriona Maldonado, Mauricio with Gregorio Varvakis, Ricardo Pietrobon, Pablo Bittencourt and Caroline Rodrigues Vaz   Innovation Dynamics in High Tech Sectors   Abstract

Utama, Ginanjar   Old Wine in a New Bottle: Towards a Common Language for Post-Keynesian Macroeconomics Model   Abstract Paper

van Daalen, Cornelia with Martin Schaffernicht and Igor Mayer   System Dynamics and Serious Games   Abstract Paper

Van Gulijk, Rian with Willem Stapel   System Dynamics and GMB in Practice – the Case of Heavy Cannabis in The Netherlands   Abstract

van Staveren, Rick with Marc Jaxa-Rozen   Mautam famines in Mizoram: An exploratory system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Veldhuis, Guido with Peter van Scheepstal and Nathalie Vink   Development of a generic Smart City model using MARVEL   Abstract Paper

Vierhaus, Ingmar with Armin Fugenschuh, Robert Lion Gottwald and Stefan Groesser   Modern Nonlinear Optimization Techniques for an Optimal Control of System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper

Villa Betancur, Sebastian with Gloria Urrea Castano and Paulo Goncalves   Exploring Duplicate Orders in a Single-Manufacturer Multi-Distributor Supply Chains   Abstract Paper

von Beuningen, Pascal   Application of System Dynamics to assess competitive rivalry in the airline industry - A Case Study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Voyer, John with Matthew Dean and Christopher Pickles   Hospital Evacuation During Disasters: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wagle, Paroma   Increasing Accessibility of Participatory System Dynamics Modeling Methods: Proposal for a New Rapid Protocol   Abstract Paper

Walker, La Tonya with Leonard Malczynski, Peter Kobos and Garrett Barter   The Shale Gas Phenomenon: Utilizing the Power of System Dynamics to Quantify Uncertainty   Abstract Paper Supporting

Walrave, Bob with Georges Romme and Kim van Oorschot   Counteracting the success trap in publicly owned corporations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Warren, Kim   Agile SD: Fast, Effective, Reliable   Abstract Paper

Warren, Kim   Standard Cases: Standard Structures: Standard Models   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   From Debt Money to Public Money System -- Modeling A Transition Process Simplified   Abstract Paper

Yamashita, Takayuki   Negative Deindustrialization: Japanese Experiences   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yang, Qihui with Zhenpeng Zuo   System Dynamics Project: The case of Electricity in Shanghai   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yeager, Larry with Thomas Fiddaman and David Peterson   A New Entity-Based System Dynamics Tool   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yehia, Ahmed with Mohamed Saleh, Ayman Taha and Hisham El-Shishiny   Novel Sensitivity Analysis for Dynamic Models   Abstract Paper

Yun, JinHyo with JeongHo Yang, Dong Kyu Won, EuiSeob Jeong and JiYoung Park   The Dynamic Relationships between Technology, Business Model and Market in Autonomous Car and Intelligent Robot Industries   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zaini, Raafat with Khalid Saeed, Oleg Pavlov and Michael Elmes   Dynastic Cycle: A Resource Allocation Theme For Addressing Dissent In Universities   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zhang, Chaoning with Caiyan Qin   Exploration of the Growing Trend of Electric Vehicles in Beijing based on SD model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zimmermann, Nicole with Laura Black and Don Greer   Dynamics of strategizing practices and framing processes in organizational identity transitions   Abstract Paper


Bean, Michael   High Performance Online Simulations with the Next-Generation Forio Simulation Platform   Abstract  Link from authors

Chichakly, Karim with Robert Eberlein and William Schoenberg   Organizing and Analyzing Models with Stella and iThink   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert with Karim Chichakly and William Schoenberg   Getting Started with Stella   Abstract

Ferencik, Rachel with Chris Soderquist and Karen Minyard   Building Systems Thinking Skills for Policymakers: Using a range of systems thinking activities to deliver insight   Abstract

Fiddaman, Thomas with Larry Yeager and David Peterson   Hands-on Entity Based System Dynamics   Abstract

Fiddaman, Thomas   Calibration with Vensim   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Thomas   Getting Started with Vensim   Abstract  Link from authors

Fisher, Diana   Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling for Math and Science Instruction: Online Professional Development Opportunity   Abstract

Fisher, Diana   Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course   Abstract

Hovmand, Peter with Etiënne Rouwette   Scriptapedia 5.0: A Tool for Designing “Scripted” Group Model Building Workshops   Abstract Paper

Keith, David with Sergey Naumov and John Sterman   Driving The Future: A Management Flight Simulator of the Market for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles   Abstract

Koltchanov, Vladimir   AnyLogic 7 Multi-method simulation software   Abstract Paper

Malczynski, Leonard with Steinar Moen   Advanced Modeling with Powersim Studio   Abstract  Link from authors

Malczynski, Leonard with Steinar Moen and La Tonya Walker   Getting Started with Powersim Studio   Abstract  Link from authors

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio   System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool (SDM-Doc)   Abstract  Link from authors

Pruyt, Erik   Exploratory System Dynamics Modeling and Analysis   Abstract

Schoenberg, William with Karim Chichakly and Robert Eberlein   Building and Publishing Model Interfaces using Stella and iThink   Abstract

Villberg, Antti   Getting Started With Simantics System Dynamics and Simupedia   Abstract  Link from authors

Warren, Kim with Christopher Spencer   Agile SD: a fast, effective, reliable approach to model development   Abstract  Link from authors

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   Money and Macroeconomic Dynamics   Abstract

Yucel, Gönenç with Jim Duggan, Sibel Eker, Jill Slinger, Cornelia van Daalen, Rogelio Oliva, Christian Erik Kampmann and Andrew Ford   Model Analysis Tools and Methods   Abstract Paper

Other Presentations and Events

Anderson, Edward   Presidential Address  Speech

Armenia, Stefano   SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC) Annual Meeting   Abstract Supporting

Arthanari, Tiru   Australasia Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Bier Naugle, Asmeret   Environmental Roundtable and Environmental SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Bigman, Matthew   Business SIG Practitioner Project Research Session   Abstract  Link from authors

Boyar, Sarah   Canada Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Brent, Alan   South Africa Chapter Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract Paper

Cavana, Robert with Akira Uchino   Asia-Pacific Chapters Meeting   Abstract

Chichakly, Karim with Marciano Morozowski   Brazil Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

de Gooyert, Vincent   Student Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Dyner, Isaac with Stian Hackett   Energy SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract Supporting

Eberlein, Robert   XMILE Roundtable - Open Meeting   Abstract

Gambardella, Pascal with David Lounsbury   Psychology SIG Roundable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Homer, Jack with Erling Moxnes, Khalid Saeed, John Sterman and Kimberly Thompson  Lifetime Achievement Award Announcement   Abstract

Kennedy, Michael with Carol Frances, Richard Langheim and P. Jeffrey Potash   Education SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Kuhlberg, Jill with Sibel Eker   PhD Colloquium   Abstract  Link to Student Chapter Site

Lychkina, Natalia   Russian Chapter Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract Supporting

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Edward Anderson   Conflict, Defense, and Security SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

McKelvie, Douglas   UK Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Milling, Peter with David Andersen (Chair), Roberta Spencer, Robert Eberlein, and Andrew Ford   Outstanding Service Award Announcement   Abstract Citation by Peter Milling Link to Award Information

Pavlov, Oleg with David Wheat   Economics Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Perez Salazar, Gloria   Latin America Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Pruyt, Erik   BeNeLux Chapter (Meeting) Meet and Greet   Abstract

Rahn, R. Joel (Chair) with Krystyna Stave, John Sterman, Erich Zahn, Richard Dudley, Tom Fiddaman, and Özge Pala   Dana Meadows Award Announcement   Abstract Citation by Joel Rahn Link to Award Information

Rich, Eliot with Stefano Armenia   iSIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Strohhecker, Jürgen   German Chapter Informal Gathering   Abstract

Thissen, Wil   Reflections based on 40 years at the interface of Policy Analysis and System Dynamics

Williams, Ddembe   Africa Regional Chapter Meeting   Abstract

Xu, Bo with Ying Qian   China Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Yucel, Gönenç with Jim Duggan   Model Analysis SIG (SIG-MA) Annual Meeting   Abstract

Zaini, Raafat   Business SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract Paper Supporting

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