Abstract for: Towards a System Dynamics Competence Framework

The system dynamics field requires a definition what a modeller needs to know and to be capable of doing to become a system dynamicist. This paper builds on previous work in the field to elaborate which knowledge is to be expected at successive stages of learning system dynamics modelling. It adopts the Dreyfus & Dreyfus model of stage-wise competency development from beginner to competent. It also uses Bloom’s taxonomy – a widely accepted educational framework – to articulate an organized set of learning objectives. A Delphi process with reknowned system dynamics experts enabled us to develop a system dynamics competence framework with clear statements about the learning objectives for beginners, advanced beginners, competent, proficient/practitioner, and expert. The resulting ordered and classified set of learning objectives is a necessary, though not sufficient, step towards a shared standard for system dynamics instruction and training. Building on our result, standard learning activities and materials as well as certification devices can be designed and developed.