Abstract for: Lifetime Achievement Award Announcement and Introduction of Winner

The System Dynamics Society occasionally recognizes people for making a significant contribution to the field over an extended period of time by giving them the Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the only award of the Society that is based on a body of work done over a lifetime and not on a single publication. No nominations are solicited for the award, and the Forrester Award Committee selects the winner. The award carries a plaque recognizing the recipient's achievement. The award has been given only three times in the past: in 1999 to R. Geoffrey Coyle, in 2011 to Diana Fisher and in 2013 to John Richardson. The fourth Lifetime Achievement Award in our history was presented at the 2014 conference to Jorgen Randers for his leadership in futures research and global sustainability. Citations by Jack Homer and John Sterman along with the paper Jorgen Randers presented at the conference are available in the System Dynamics Review, Volume 30, Issue 4, October/December 2014.