Abstract for: A Model-Based Governance and Planning System for HIV-AIDS Services in Vietnam

Planning services for HIV-AIDS is complicated by the nature of the disease and the manner in which it spreads. Reducing the HIV-AIDS burden in a country requires sophisticated tools and agreement among stakeholders about effective strategies. This paper describes a tool for governance and planning of HIV-AIDS services for use at the provincial level in Vietnam. The tool includes an SD model and an interface that enables its use by planners and multiple stakeholders. Hands on use of the model has been shown to engage stakeholders and promote conversations necessary to developing strategies that meet their multiple needs. The tool can be used to allocate constrained budgets more effectively or to develop more idealized solutions and calculate their cost. As such, it can meet the needs of countries like Vietnam that are moving toward middle income status and must the transition toward greater responsibility for funding, management, and governance of HIV-AIDS services.