Abstract for: Driving The Future: A Management Flight Simulator of the Market for Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

The history of alternatives to gasoline-powered internal combustion vehicles is one of ‘sizzle and fizzle’ – an initial burst of enthusiasm and effort, followed by decline and failure as the entrant technology fails to gain a sustainable share of the market. Despite this, incumbent automakers and startups continue to pursue a range of alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) platforms to achieve energy and environmental goals, running on fuels including compressed natural gas, biofuels, electricity and hydrogen. In this interactive workshop, participants will experiment with ‘Driving the Future’, a management flight simulator of the US car market. Playing the role of ‘car czar’, you will make strategy and policy decisions as you seek to reduce oil dependence and greenhouse gas emissions from the US automobile fleet without breaking the bank. Bring your laptop computer to participate, or pair up with a friend in the workshop.