Abstract for: SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC) Annual Meeting

SYDIC (SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter) started a new path since the Nijmegen ISDC, also thanks to innovative tools now available to members. A new website, newsletter, forum, all have contributed to spread knowledge over the net about SD, achieving the goal of raising new members. Practitioners, professionals and academics can now find a way to discuss common interests and research. The Chapter activities during the year will be discussed and future steps to manage the chapter will be planned. For the period July 2013 - June 2014 the SYDIC Policy Council will present the main activities of SYDIC members both in the Academic (Universities & Research centers) and in the Consulting (Private & Public Administration) areas as well as will help planning next year events/workshops and in general Chapter activities. The annual report of the Chapter members is presented by a e-poster which will point out, through a visual geographic distribution on the Italian territory, the main activities of the operative members both in the academic area and in the professional sector.