Abstract for: The value of Stakeholder Group Model-Building when facing a System Dynamic problem

Group Model-Building (GMB), is often used as approach to form a model in system dynamics (SD). The purpose of this article is to explore how participants in GMB experience the process and analyze the value of it. The paper presents a qualitative research based on the grounded theory, carried out with interviews with SD specialists and participants in GMB. Results are presented in this paper among the authors speculations based on the experience of stakeholder GMB workshops. Results indicated that the value from the stakeholder point of view lies foremost in the networking aspect of GMB and in the platform to communicate their ideas and learning. From the GMB managers point of view the results are in line with the textbooks and indicate that the value lies first and foremost in trust towards the resulting model from those who have the power to use them but number of other aspects come to consideration and are presented in a value framework and in the form of a theory.