Abstract for: A System Dynamics Model for the Investigation of Additional Source of Raw Water from Effluent Water from a Constructed Wetland

There exist a gap in the demand and supply of water supply to the University of Lagos, Nigeria (Unilag). The University mainly depends on internal boreholes and municipal supply (the Lagos State Water cooperation) as sources of water supply to the University. While a number of boreholes serve as the source of raw water to the University's water treatment plants, the municipal water is pumped directly for distribution. In addition to water shortages that do arise occasionally from these sources, the combined quantities of the internal and municipal water supply are far below the current water demand of the University. It has been established, from another study, that the quality of water from the University's constructed wetland based domestic sewage treatment plant (CWDSTP) is acceptable as source of raw water for further treatment. In this study, a System Dynamic Model is developed to examine the quantity and impact of the water reclaimed from the CWDSTP in reducing water stress in the Unilag by closing the existing gap between water demand and supply. The results obtained from the study shows that 76.2% of the University's water demand can be met as against the current 42.6% supply level. An additional 3,141m3 of raw water can be added to the available raw water sources.